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1998A.C.L.U. v. Reno: An Endorsement of Internet Self-Regulation?Lee, Karen 30-Nov-2009
2009Achieving Network Neutrality: Maintaining Competition Between Content and Application ProvidersLee, Karen 3-Feb-2010
2017ACMA Varies Compliance and Monitoring Arrangements for the Telecommunications Consumer Protections CodeLee, Karen 21-Jul-2017
2009Counting the Casualties of Telecom: The Adoption of Part 6 of the Telecommunications Act 1997 (Cth)Lee, Karen 19-Nov-2009
2006Creating a Level Playing Field or Expanding the Nanny State?: Regulating the content of premium rate SMS/MMS and walled-garden services in AustraliaLee, K 18-Jul-2008
2004Farmers: what do you own?: Are environmental regulations changing the nature of land rights?Lee, K 25-Jul-2008
2011New pricing principles proposed for declared fixed-line servicesLee, Karen 7-Mar-2013
2005Overview of US Telecommunications LawLee, K ; Prime, J28-Jul-2008
2001Overview of US Telecommunications LawLee, K ; Prime, J27-Jun-2008
2007Public engagement and the installation of wireless facilities exempt from local planning requirementsLee, Karen 5-Aug-2009
2010The Reforms to Part XIB of the Trade Practices Act: 21st Century BroadbandLee, Karen 16-Mar-2010
2013Revisiting the 'constitution of private governance'Lee, Karen 1-Oct-2014
1999The Roaming Condition: Victory (At Last) For New EntrantsLee, Karen ; Hall, Denton16-Mar-2010
2012The rule of law and industry rulemakingLee, Karen 7-Mar-2013
2012Telecommunications: Telstra's structural separation undertaking: A third best solution?Lee, Karen 7-Mar-2013
2012United StatesLee, Karen 1-May-2013
2009US Telecommunications LawLee, Karen ; Prime, Jamison17-May-2010
2012US Telecommunications LawLee, Karen ; Prime, Jamison21-May-2013