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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2013An alternative approach to the modelling of interest rate pass through and asymmetric adjustmentValadkhani, Abbas ; Bollen, Bernard18-Jul-2013
2014Analysing banks' intermediation and operational performance using the Hicks-Moorsteen TFP index: The case of IranArjomandi, Amir; Valadkhani, Abbas ; O'Brien, Martin24-Jul-2013
2011Analysing Productivity Changes Using the Bootstrapped Malmquist Approach: The Case of the Iranian Banking IndustryArjomandi, Amir; Valadkhani, Abbas ; Harvie, Charles17-Sep-2013
2014Asymmetric behavior of Australia's Big-4 banks in the mortgage marketValadkhani, Abbas ; Worthington, Andrew2-Sep-2014
2014Asymmetric changes in Australia's small business loan rateValadkhani, Abbas ; Chen, George ; Kotey, Bernice A 28-Nov-2014
2011Asymmetric Dynamics in Stock Market VolatilityKarunanayake, Indika; Valadkhani, Abbas 16-Oct-2013
2008The Australian Labour Market in 2007O'Brien, Martin; Valadkhani, Abbas ; Townsend, Keith2-Sep-2013
2014A Cluster Analysis of Petrol Profit Margins across Various Regional and Urban Locations in AustraliaValadkhani, Abbas ; Chen, George ; Anderson, John 17-Jun-2014
2009Community Valuations of Environmental Quality in Coastal Lakes: Lake Illawarra Case StudyHodgkinson, Ann; Valadkhani, Abbas 16-Oct-2013
2009Discipline-specific forecasting of research output in Australian UniversitiesValadkhani, Abbas ; Ville, Simon14-Oct-2013
2013Do petrol prices rise faster than they fall when the market shows significant disequilibria?Valadkhani, Abbas 28-Jun-2013
2017Does income inequality hinder economic growth? New evidence using Australian taxation statisticsKennedy, Tom; Smyth, Russell; Valadkhani, Abbas ; Chen, George 17-Jul-2017
2013Does the interest rate for business loans respond asymmetrically to changes in the cash rate?Valadkhani, Abbas ; Arjomandi, Amir; O'Brien, Martin25-Mar-2013
2014Downward stickiness of interest rates in the Australian credit card marketValadkhani, Abbas ; Anwar, Sajid; Arjomandi, Amir9-May-2016
2008Dynamic linkages between Thai and international stock marketsValadkhani, Abbas ; Chancharat, Surachai16-Oct-2013
2011Efficiency of Botswana's financial institutions: a data envelopment analysisMoffat, Boitumelo Dudu; Valadkhani, Abbas 6-Sep-2013
2012An empirical analysis of Iran's banking performanceArjomandi, Amir; Harvie, Charles; Valadkhani, Abbas 6-Sep-2013
2014An empirical analysis of the US stock market and output growth volatility spillover effects on three Anglo-Saxon countriesValadkhani, Abbas ; Chen, George 9-Apr-2014
2013Estimating the time varying NAIRU in IranValadkhani, Abbas ; Mehdee Araee, Sayyed M9-May-2016
2013Examining the nature of the relationship between Tapis crude oil and Singapore petrol pricesValadkhani, Abbas ; O'Brien, Martin; Arjomandi, Amir16-Oct-2013