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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2016Black or white? Physiological implications of roost colour and choice in a microbatDoty, Anna C ; Stawski, Clare ; Currie, Shannon; Geiser, Fritz 23-Jan-2017
2016Can hibernators sense and evade fires? Olfactory acuity and locomotor performance during deep torporNowack, Julia ; Delesalle, Marine; Stawski, Clare ; Geiser, Fritz 20-Feb-2017
2012Capture and care of northern long-eared bats ('Nyctophilus bifax') and seasonal changes in insect abundanceStawski, Clare 31-Jan-2017
2011Do season and distribution affect thermal energetics of a hibernating bat endemic to the tropics and subtropics?Stawski, Clare ; Geiser, Fritz 7-Feb-2012
2011Ecology and thermal physiology of an insectivorous bat restricted to subtropical and tropical AustraliaStawski, Clare ; Geiser, Fritz ; Turbill, Christopher 15-Apr-2011
2016Effect of roost choice on winter torpor patterns of a free-ranging insectivorous batStawski, Clare ; Currie, Shannon18-Jan-2017
2015Effect of Selection for High Activity-Related Metabolism on Membrane Phospholipid Fatty Acid Composition in Bank VolesStawski, Clare ; Valencak, Teresa G; Ruf, Thomas; Sadowska, Edyta T; Dheyongera, Geoffrey; Rudolf, Agata; Maiti, Uttaran; Koteja, Pawel25-Jan-2017
2017The effects of fire and environmental variables on the ecophysiology, ecology and behaviour of insectivorous batsDoty, Anna C ; Geiser, Fritz ; Stawski, Clare ; Law, Bradley28-Mar-2018
2010Fat and fed: frequent use of summer torpor in a subtropical batStawski, Clare ; Geiser, Fritz 9-Mar-2010
2011Hibernation and Torpor in Tropical and Subtropical Bats in Relation to Energetics, Extinctions, and the Evolution of EndothermyGeiser, Fritz ; Stawski, Clare 7-Feb-2012
2009Hibernation by a free-ranging subtropical bat ('Nyctophilus bifax')Stawski, Clare ; Turbill, Christopher; Geiser, Fritz 9-Mar-2010
2015The importance of mammalian torpor for survival in a post-fire landscapeStawski, Clare ; Koertner, Gerhard ; Nowack, Julia ; Geiser, Fritz 18-Jan-2017
2014The importance of temporal heterothermy in batsStawski, Clare ; Willis, C K R; Geiser, Fritz 21-Nov-2014
2015Increased lyrebird presence in a post-fire landscapeDoty, Anna C ; Stawski, Clare ; Nowack, Julia ; Bondarenco, Artiom; Geiser, Fritz 31-Jan-2017
2016Phenotypic plasticity of post-fire activity and thermal biology of a free-ranging small mammalStawski, Clare ; Koertner, Gerhard ; Nowack, Julia ; Geiser, Fritz 18-Jan-2017
2015Physiological and behavioural responses of a small heterothermic mammal to fire stimuliStawski, Clare ; Matthews, Jaya K; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 18-Jan-2017
2016Post-wildfire physiological ecology of an Australian microbatDoty, Anna C ; Stawski, Clare ; Law, Brad S; Geiser, Fritz 25-Jan-2017
2008Prolonged torpor during winter in a free-ranging bat from subtropical AustraliaStawski, Clare ; Turbill, Christopher; Geiser, Fritz 23-Jan-2012
2010Seasonality of torpor patterns and physiological variables of a free-ranging subtropical batStawski, Clare ; Geiser, Fritz 18-May-2011
2015Selection for high activity-related aerobic metabolism does not alter the capacity of non-shivering thermogenesis in bank volesStawski, Clare ; Koteja, Pawel; Sadowska, Edyta T; Jefimow, Malgorzata; Wojciechowski, Michal S23-Jan-2017