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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2015Actors and Heroes: My Brother Jack and World War 1 on TelevisionPender, Anne 15-Jun-2015
2014Actors in Your Living Room: Australian Television 1956-1976Pender, Anne 6-Nov-2015
2016The Art of the Theatre: Helmut BakaitisPender, Anne 8-Jun-2017
2016The Barry Creyton ShowPender, Anne 8-Jun-2017
2005Bazza, Kath and KimPender, Anne 13-Aug-2009
2004Bound and Dangerous: 'Anna Wickham: A poet's daring life'. Jennifer Vaughan Jones. 373pp. Madison Books. $26.95. - 1 56833 253 X.Pender, Anne 16-Jul-2009
2016The Boy's Sheer Poetry: Alan HopgoodPender, Anne 7-Jun-2017
2003The Business of Friendship: Cyrilly Abels's Letters to Christina SteadPender, Anne 26-May-2009
2002Christina Stead: SatiristPender, A 31-Jul-2008
2014The Death of Satire: Rewriting The 10 Commandments On The ABCPender, Anne 19-Dec-2014
2016Denise Scott: An Extraordinary WomanPender, Anne 7-Jun-2017
2002Derek Challis and Gloria Rawlinson, 'The Book of Iris: A life of Robin Hyde': 778pp. Auckland University Press; distributed in the UK by Eurospan. £24.50. 1869402677Pender, Anne 11-Sep-2009
2013'Eat, Pray, Laugh!': Barry Humphries, Reg Livermore And Cross-Dressed Australian BurlesquePender, Anne 10-Feb-2014
2005Editorial to 'Dialogue - a Tribute to Nick Enright'Pender, Anne 19-Feb-2010
2013From a Distant Shore: Australian Writers in Britain 1820-2012Bennett, Bruce; Pender, Anne 27-Feb-2013
2007Hello Possums: Barry Humphries and Australian EnglishPender, Anne 13-Jul-2009
2016Henri Szeps: 'It's My Party' - Acting for LifePender, Anne 7-Jun-2017
2016I am a Camera: Julia BlakePender, Anne 8-Jun-2017
2016'I'm Very Stella': Jacki WeaverPender, Anne 7-Jun-2017
2015IntroductionPender, Anne 10-Nov-2015