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2006Australian Affluence and the LeftBattin, Tim ; Ramsay, A9-May-2008
2002The Australian Labor Party and the Notion of Economic ManagementBattin, Timothy 5-Aug-2009
2004The Australian Labor Party and the Third WayBattin, T 30-Jul-2008
2006Choice For Whom?: a discussion of the 2005 industrial relations lawsBattin, Timothy 24-Jul-2008
2008Contemporary Indicators of Political (Dis)engagement in AustraliaBattin, Timothy 2-Dec-2009
2014The ethics and politics of ethics approvalBattin, Tim ; Riley, Daniel ; Avery, Alan30-Apr-2014
2015Explaining the Capture of the UniversityBattin, Tim 6-Jan-2016
2009Is the Left Ready to Displace the Right?Battin, Timothy 18-Mar-2010
2005Labor Party Ideology in the Early 1990s: Working Nation and Paths not TakenRamsay, Anthony; Battin, Timothy 17-Nov-2009
2017Labouring under neoliberalism: The Australian Labor government's ideological constraint, 2007-2013Battin, Tim 4-May-2018
2007Living standards of apprenticesBittman, Michael ; Reavell, Ron ; Smith, Gregory Owen ; Battin, Timothy 16-Nov-2009
2005Right Ideas and Left Thinkers: The Case of the 'Free' MarketBattin, Timothy 26-May-2009
2012Spending and taxingBattin, Tim 24-Jan-2013
2005The Whitlam Government, Labor Tradition and the Paralysis of the PresentBattin, T 29-Jul-2008