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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2014Apparent inhibition of thermal decomposition of hydrogencarbonate ion by poly(acrylic acid): The effect of molar mass and end-group functionalityAl-Hamzah, Ali; Fellows, Chris 24-Apr-2014
2013Aspects of the kinetics and solubility of silica and calcium oxalate composites in sugar solutionsEast, Christopher Paul; Fellows, Chris ; Doherty, William Orlando Sinclair13-Feb-2014
2008Assessment of an Intrinsic Optical Fiber Sensor for 'in situ' Monitoring of Scale-Forming SaltsWallace, Andrew; Boerkamp, Martijn; Lye, Peter ; Lamb, David ; Doherty, William Orlando; Fellows, Christopher 27-Nov-2009
2012ATR-FTIR Measurement of Biomass Components in Phosphonium Ionic LiquidsKeskar, Sai S; Edye, Leslie A; Fellows, Chris ; Doherty, William O S18-Feb-2013
2011Automatic detection of evaporation reducing monolayersCoop, Paul A; Lamb, David ; Fellows, Christopher ; Bradbury, Ronald 2-Apr-2012
2011Can variation in durum wheat pasta protein and starch composition affect in vitro starch hydrolysis?Aravind, Nisha ; Sissons, Mike ; Fellows, Christopher 26-Jul-2011
2015Cargo-Cult Science and the Mimesis of Research Practice: Response to "Critical Discourse Analysis of Rhetoric Against Complementary Medicine"Fellows, Chris 4-Jan-2016
2004Chain Transfer to Monomer and Polymer in the Radical Polymerization of Vinyl Neo-decanoateBalic, R; Fellows, Christopher ; van Herk, AM4-May-2009
2011Characterization of sugar juice heat exchanger tube depositEast, CP; Doherty, WOS; Fellows, Christopher ; Yu, H9-Dec-2011
2015A comparative study of novel scale inhibitors with commercial scale inhibitors used in seawater desalinationAl-Hamzah, Ali; Fellows, Chris 16-Jan-2015
2017The Contribution of IUPAC to Polymer Science EducationChan, Chin Han; Fellows, Chris ; Hess, Michael; Hiorns, Roger C; Hoven, Voravee P; Russell, Gregory T; dos Santos, Claudio G; Sturcova, Adriana; Theato, Patrick5-Jan-2018
2005A critical evaluation of reaction calorimetry for the study of emulsion polymerization systems: thermodynamic and kinetic aspectsLamb, David J; Fellows, Christopher ; Morrison, Bradley R; Gilbert, Robert G11-Feb-2010
2004Cryo-sectioning and chemical-fixing ultramicrotomy techniques for imaging rubber latex particle morphologySubramaniam, Nadaraja; Simpson, Anne; Monteiro, Michael J; Shaffer, Olga; Fellows, Christopher ; Gilbert, Robert G8-Dec-2009
2011Deposition of hydroxyapatite and calcium oxalate dihydrate on a heat exchanger tubeEast, CP; Doherty, WOS; Fellows, Christopher ; Yu, H15-Dec-2011
2010Detecting and Monitoring Industrial Scale Formation Using an Intrinsic Exposed-Core Optical Fiber SensorBoerkamp, Martijn; Lamb, David ; Lye, Peter ; Fellows, Christopher ; Al-Hamzah, Ali; Wallace, Andrew 21-Apr-2010
2011Detection of Evaporation Reducing Monolayers on Open Water SurfacesCoop, Paul Andrew; Lamb, David ; Fellows, Christopher ; Bradbury, Ronald 13-Oct-2011
2009Determination of bound and unbound water in dental alginate irreversible hydrocolloid by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopyFellows, Christopher ; Thomas, Graham A4-Nov-2011
2008Development and Evaluation of Functional Food PastaAravind, Nisha ; Sissons, Michael J; Fellows, Christopher 28-Feb-2012
2002Effect of Branching and Molecular Weight on the Viscoelastic Properties of Poly(butyl acrylate)Former, C; Castro, J; Fellows, Christopher ; Tanner, RI; Gilbert, RG23-Oct-2012
2012Effect of insoluble dietary fibre addition on technological, sensory, and structural properties of durum wheat spaghettiAravind, Nisha ; Sissons, Mike ; Egan, Narelle; Fellows, Chris 19-Feb-2013