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2008Branch Structure Of J-Holomorphic Curves Near Periodic Orbits Of A Contact ManifoldHarris, Adam ; Wysocki, Krzysztof25-Nov-2009
2016Conformal Great Circle Flows on the 3-SphereHarris, Adam ; Paternain, Gabriel P24-Mar-2017
2008Dynamically convex Finsler metrics and J-holomorphic embedding of asymptotic cylindersHarris, Adam ; Paternain, Gabriel P6-Nov-2009
2001<i>L<sup>P</sup></i> Curvature and the Cauchy-Riemann equation near an isolated singular pointHarris, A ; Tonegawa, Y29-Sep-2008
2017An intrinsic approach to stable embedding of normal surface deformationsHarris, Adam 20-Apr-2018
2014Involutive deformations of the regular part of a normal surfaceHarris, Adam ; Miyajima, Kimio9-Jul-2014
2010The Japanese-Australian Workshop on Real and Complex Singularities: JARCS IIIFukui, Toshizumi; Harris, Adam ; Isaev, Alexander; Koike, Satoshi; Paunescu, Laurentiu14-Nov-2011
2014On Hyperbolicity of Domains with Strictly Pseudoconvex EndsHarris, Adam ; Kollar, Martin17-Mar-2014
2011On Infinitesimal Deformations of the Regular Part of a Complex Cone SingularityHarris, Adam ; Kolar, Martin24-Feb-2012
2005On linking of 'J'-holomorphic curves with periodic orbits of a contact structureHarris, A 25-Sep-2008
2003A ∂∂-Poincaré Lemma for forms near an isolated complex singularityHarris, A ; Tonegawa, Y18-Aug-2008
2012Reaction Diffusion Equations Arising from Phytoplankton DynamicsMei, Linfeng; Du, Yihong ; Yan, Shusen ; Harris, Adam 12-Oct-2012
2007Real and Complex Singularities: Proceedings of the Australian-Japanese Workshop - University of Sydney, Australia, 5-8 September, 2005Paunescu, Laurentiu; Harris, Adam ; Fukui, Toshizumi; Koike, Satoshi7-Nov-2012
2007A Remark on δ-cohomology with supports in the complement of a cone singularityHarris, Adam 15-Feb-2010
May-2019Ricci-positive geodesic flows and point-completion of static monopole fieldsDorji, Kumbu ; Harris, Adam 28-Mar-2019
2002Some Applications of Variational Calculus in Hermitian GeometryHarris, A 15-May-2008
2010Spatio-Temporal Analysis of EEG data using Wavelets and Geostatistical methodsGrant, Paul; Murison, Robert; Harris, Adam 17-Dec-2010
2014Topics on Real and Complex SingularitiesKoike, Satoshi; Fukui, Toshizumi; Paunescu, Laurentiu; Harris, Adam ; Isaev, Alexander9-Jul-2014