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2019Changes in unilateral upper limb muscular strength and Electromyographic activity following a 16-week strength training intervention in survivors of breast cancerHagstrom, Amanda D ; Shorter, Kathleen A ; Marshall, Paul W M 13-May-2019
2012A Comparison of Ballistic and Nonballistic Lower-Body Resistance Exercise and the Methods Used to Identify Their Positive Lifting PhasesLake, Jason; Lauder, Mike; Smith, Neal; Shorter, Kathleen 31-Oct-2012
2013Comparison of Two Methods for Calculating 3-Dimensional Ball Spin, and its Application to Soccer KickingShorter, Kathleen ; Smith, Neal24-May-2017
5-Jun-2018Creatine kinase, neuromuscular fatigue, and the contact codes of football: A systematic review and meta-analysis of pre- and post-match differencesHagstrom, Amanda D ; Shorter, Kathleen A 8-Apr-2019
2019Do lethal trap devices threaten foot-hold trap capture efficacy?Meek, Paul D ; Shorter, Kathleen ; Falzon, Greg 8-Apr-2019
2015Energetic and metabolic power demands of interchange and full-match players within National Rugby League match-playCummins, Cloe ; Gray, Adrian ; Shorter, Kathleen ; Halaki, Mark; Orr, Rhonda24-May-2017
2016Energetic and Metabolic Power Demands of National Rugby League Match-PlayCummins, Cloe ; Gray, Adrian ; Shorter, Kathleen ; Halaki, M; Orr, R14-Mar-2017
Dec-2018Energetic Demands of Interchange and Full-Match Rugby League PlayersCummins, Cloe J ; Gray, Adrian J ; Shorter, Kathleen A ; Halaki, Mark; Orr, Rhonda18-Mar-2019
2013Evaluation of a Multiple Calibration Procedure for Scapula ReconstructionShorter, Kathleen ; Smith, Neal; Lauder, Mike31-May-2017
Jun-2019Ground force kinetic adaptations associated with canine bootsShorter, Kathleen ; Brown, Wendy 11-Oct-2019
2018Ground force kinetic adaptations associated with canine bootsLawman, Caleb; Shorter, Kathleen ; Brown, Wendy 3-Jun-2019
2015Metabolic power and energetic costs of elite Rugby League match-playCummins, Cloe ; Gray, Adrian ; Shorter, Kathleen ; Halaki, Mark; Orr, Rhonda24-May-2017
2018Modelling Movement Energetics Using Global Positioning System Devices in Contact Team Sports: Limitations and SolutionsGray, Adrian ; Shorter, Kathleen ; Cummins, Cloe ; Murphy, Aron ; Waldron, Mark 4-Jun-2018
2018A Novel Non-Invasive Selection Criterion for the Preservation of Primitive Dutch Konik HorsesMay-Davis, Sharon; Brown, Wendy ; Shorter, Kathleen ; Vermeulen, Zefanja; Butler, Raquel; Koekkoek, Marianne13-Apr-2018
12-Apr-2020A Radiographic Technique for Assessment of Morphologic Variations of the Equine Caudal Cervical SpineGee, Christine; Small, Alison; Shorter, Kathleen ; Brown, Wendy Y 23-Oct-2020
2015Running-Intensity Fluctuations in Elite Rugby Sevens PerformanceFurlan, Nicola ; Waldron, Mark ; Shorter, Kathleen ; Gabbett, Timothy J; Mitchell, John; Fitzgerald, Edward; Osborne, Mark A; Gray, Adrian 28-Sep-2015
2018Upper Body Kinematic Analysis of the Paddling Stroke in Female Recreational Stand-up Paddle BoardersBancks, Megan; Cummins, Cloe ; Shorter, Kathleen 3-Jun-2019
2017Variability of Kinetic and Kinematic Variables Associated with Canine Gait: A preliminary InvestigationShorter, Kathleen ; Lawman, Caleb; Brown, Wendy 3-Jun-2019
2012Wearing Knee Wraps Affects Mechanical Output and Performance Characteristics of Back Squat ExerciseLake, Jason P; Carden, Patrick J C; Shorter, Kathleen 31-Oct-2012