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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2003Addendum to 'The Geometry of Hyperbolic and Elliptic CR-Manifolds of Codimension Two'Schmalz, Gerd ; Slovak, J9-Nov-2009
2001Automorphisms of Nondegenerate CR Quadrics and Siegel Domains: Explicit DescriptionEzov, V; Schmalz, G 2-May-2008
2007Canonical Cartan Connection and Holomorphic Invariants on Engel CR ManifoldsBeloshapka, V K; Ezhov, V; Schmalz, Gerd 10-Nov-2009
2001Complex analysis in contemporary mathematicsSchmalz, Gerd ; Ezhov, V19-Feb-2010
9-Sep-2018CR-Geometry and Shearfree Lorentzian GeometryAlekseevsky, Dmitri V; Ganji, Masoud; Schmalz, Gerd 18-Dec-2019
2008CR-manifolds of Codimension Two of Parabolic TypeSchmalz, Gerd ; Ežov, Vladimir Vladimirovitch; Spiro, Andrea20-Nov-2009
Apr-2019A criterion for local embeddability of three-dimensional CR structuresSchmalz, Gerd ; Ganji, Masoud 12-Jun-2019
2009Degenerate hypersurfaces with a two-parametric family of automorphismsEzhov, Vladimir; Kolář, Martin; Schmalz, Gerd 21-Dec-2009
2017Deterministic Bragg Coherent Diffraction ImagingPavlov, Konstantin M ; Punegov, Vasily I; Morgan, Kaye S; Schmalz, Gerd ; Paganin, David M25-May-2017
2014Duality between noise and spatial resolution in linear systemsGureyev, Timur ; Nesterets, Yakov ; de Hoog, Frank; Schmalz, Gerd ; Mayo, Sheridan C; Mohammadi, Sara; Tromba, Giuliana7-May-2014
2004Dynamics of Local Automorphisms of Embedded CR-ManifoldsKim, Kang - Tae; Schmalz, Gerd 21-Dec-2009
2007Elliptic CR-manifolds and shear invariant ordinary differential equations with additional symmetriesEzhov, Vladimir; Schmalz, Gerd 9-Nov-2009
2006Explicit construction of a Chern-Moser connection for CR manifolds of codimension twoSpiro, A; Schmalz, G 5-May-2008
2015Explicit description of spherical rigid hypersurfaces in C²Ezhov, Vladimir; Schmalz, Gerd 30-Jun-2015
2012Free CR distributionsSchmalz, Gerd ; Slovak, Jan29-Oct-2012
2011From Cartan to Tanaka: Getting Real in the Complex WorldEzhov, Vladimir; McLaughlin, Ben; Schmalz, Gerd 26-Jul-2011
2009Functions Holomorphic along Holomorphic Vector FieldsKim, Kang-Tae; Poletsky, Evgeny; Schmalz, Gerd 21-Dec-2009
2013A generalisation of Forelli's theoremJoo, Jae-Cheon; Kim, Kang-Tae; Schmalz, Gerd 25-Feb-2013
2008Holomorphic classification of four-dimensional surfaces in ℂ³Schmalz, Gerd ; Ejov, Vladimir Vladimirovitch25-Jan-2010
2003Linearization of Isotropic Automorphisms of Non-quadratic Elliptic CR-Manifolds in ℂ⁴Ežov, Vladimir V; Schmalz, Gerd 12-May-2010