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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1993"Ansellus dei" and the Bethlehem Chapel in PragueFudge, Thomas 12-Jun-2014
1993Art and Propaganda in Hussite BohemiaFudge, Thomas 10-Jun-2014
2004"An Ass with a Crown": Heresy, Nationalism and Emperor SigismundFudge, Thomas 5-Mar-2014
1996Bonhoeffer and Gutiérrez: Unlikely Allies in Christian RevolutionFudge, Thomas 10-Jun-2014
2018C.H. Yadon and the Vanishing Theological Past in Oneness PentecostalismFudge, Thomas 11-Jul-2018
2003Christianity without the Cross: A History of Salvation in Oneness PentecostalismFudge, Thomas 18-Oct-2012
2003Concepts of Salvation in the Western Church to the Sixteenth CenturyFudge, Thomas 18-Oct-2012
2000Crime, Punishment and Pacifism in the Thought of Bishop Mikuláš of Pelhřimov, 1420-1452Fudge, Thomas 19-Dec-2013
1996The 'Crown' and the 'Red Gown': Hussite Popular ReligionFudge, Thomas 5-Feb-2013
2002The Crusade against Heretics in Bohemia, 1418-1437: Sources and Documents for the Hussite CrusadesFudge, Thomas 18-Oct-2012
1998Daniel Warner and the Paradox of Religious Democracy in Nineteenth CenturyFudge, Thomas 18-Oct-2012
2001Did E.N. Bell Convert to the 'New Issue' in 1915?Fudge, Thomas 12-Jun-2014
2015Die hussitische Bewegung im spätmittelalterlichen BöhmenFudge, Thomas 4-Jun-2015
1996Eucharistic Renewal and Ecclesiastical Reform in Bohemia: Review of David R Holeton, 'La communion des tout-petits enfants Étude du mouvement eucharistique en Bohême vers la fin du Moyen-Age'Fudge, Thomas 10-Jun-2014
2003The Fate of Joel Hayward in New Zealand Hands: From Holocaust Historian to Holocaust?Fudge, Thomas 18-Oct-2012
2002"Feel This!" Jan Hus and the Preaching of ReformationFudge, Thomas 19-Dec-2013
2014Heresy and Hussites in Late Medieval EuropeFudge, Thomas 4-Jul-2014
2007Heresy and the Question of Hussites in the Southern Netherlands (1411-1431)Fudge, Thomas 20-Nov-2013
2014Heretics and Politics: Theology, Power, and Perception in the Last Days of CBCFudge, Thomas 4-Jul-2014
1996Hussite Infant CommunionFudge, Thomas 11-Jun-2014