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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2007Analysis of the Philippine Chicken Industry: Commercial versus Backyard SectorsChang, Christie 28-Sep-2011
2011Assessing buyers' requirements for fresh produce in the formal market sector in Papua New GuineaChang, Christie ; Griffith, Garry 7-Mar-2012
2015Assessing the potential for expanding vegetable production in Central Province, Papua New GuineaChang, Christie ; Bonney, Laurie; Griffith, Garry ; Maino, Gus25-May-2015
2014Assessing the socioeconomic impact of a rural market: The case of Mt Hagen Market in the Papua New Guinea HighlandsChang, Christie ; Mullen, Ben; Anjen, Jessie; Be'Soer, Lilly7-May-2015
2005The Australian Organic Food Products Market: Overview, Issues and Research NeedsChang, Christie ; Zepeda, Lydia; Griffith, Garry 25-Nov-2009
2005Consumer perceptions and demand for organic food in Australia: Focus group discussionsChang, C ; Zepeda, L13-Nov-2008
2002The Demand for Beef in Indonesia: Implications for Australian AgribusinessHutasuhut, Maradoli; Chang, Christie ; Griffith, Garry ; O'Donnell, Christopher John; Doran, Howard Edwin27-Nov-2009
2002The Demand for Wine in Australia Using a Systems Approach: Industry ImplicationsChang, Christie ; Griffith, Garry ; Bettington, Nicholas4-Dec-2009
2002Elasticity of demand for Australian cotton in JapanChang, C ; Nguyen, C2-May-2008
2016Factors Affecting Consumers' Willingness to Pay for Good Quality Sweetpotato in Papua New GuineaVillano, Renato ; Chang, Christie ; Kewa, John; Irving, Donald14-Feb-2017
2011The Feasibility of Fresh Ginger Exports from Papua New Guinea to New ZealandChang, Christie ; Griffith, Garry ; Maino, Gus7-Mar-2012
2006The FMD Outbreak in the Taiwan Pig Industry and the Demand for Beef Imports into TaiwanChang, Christie ; Hsia, Chung-Jen; Griffith, Garry 24-Nov-2009
2014Future prospects for sweetpotato processing in Papua New GuineaChang, Christie 7-May-2015
2007Geographical Indication for New England Wines in NSWChang, Christie ; Campbell, Gene Steven; Sniekers, Peter25-Nov-2009
2008The Impact of Agricultural Loans on the Technical Efficiency of Rice Farmers in the Upper North of ThailandChaovanapoonphol, Y Kai; Battese, George Edward ; Chang, Christie 13-Jul-2010
2013Improving marketing efficiency, postharvest management and value addition of sweetpotato in Papua New GuineaChang, Christie ; Irving, Donald ; Lutulele, Robert; Kornolong, Birte; Be'Soer, Lilly14-Nov-2014
2005Labelling Issues of Organic and GM Foods in AustraliaChang, Christie 25-Nov-2009
2005Labelling issues of organic and GM Foods in AustraliaChang, C 30-Jun-2008
2013Linking smallholder farmers to microcredit providers in Papua New Guinea: A participatory action research approachChang, Christie ; Dowa, Eleo; Malie, Regina; Anton, Conrad; Anamo, Iga; Dekene, Peter; Bubun, Debra16-Jul-2013
2012The Market Development Project: A case of government failure?Chang, Christie ; Mira, Zenaida; Griffith, Garry 16-Oct-2012