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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2006Accounting Standards and Small Firm Debt and Equity: An International Research AgendaGibson, Brian 29-Oct-2010
2007Are Serial Entrepreneurs Different?: An Examination of Australian MicrofirmsSchaper, Michael; Mankelow, Gary; Gibson, Brian 28-Apr-2010
2007Assessing Potential Performance Proxies in Entrepreneurial FirmsGibson, Brian 28-Oct-2010
2009Bank Fees and Small Firms: An Exploratory EvaluationGibson, Brian 14-May-2010
2002Being Uncertain: The Relationship Between Entrepreneurial Orientation And Environmental UncertaintyWeaver, K Mark; Dickson, Pat H; Gibson, Brian ; Turner, Andrew13-May-2010
2008Budgets, internal reports and manager forecast accuracyCassar, G; Gibson, Brian 9-Nov-2009
2005Capital StructureGibson, Brian 2-Jun-2010
2002A Cluster Analysis Approach to Financial Structure in Small Firms in the United StatesGibson, Brian 12-May-2010
2002Clusters of Financial Structure in Australian Small FirmsGibson, Brian 2-Jun-2010
2009Decision Maker Orientation, Environmental Uncertainty and the Governance Alliances of Privately Held FirmsGibson, Brian ; Weaver, K Mark; Dickson, Pat H; Vozikis, George1-Jul-2010
2002An exploratory analysis of patterns of movement in the financial structure of Australian small firmsGibson, Brian 29-Oct-2010
2009Family Business Succession: Emphasis on the Family Not the BusinessVozikis, George S; Weaver, K Mark; Gibson, Brian 16-Apr-2010
2003Finance Theory and Small EnterpriseGibson, Brian 28-May-2010
2003Financial Decision InfluencesGibson, Brian 31-May-2010
2010Financial Distress, Nonperforming Loans and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Thailand: An Intertemporal and a Cross-Sectional AnalysisTerdpaopong, Kanitsorn; Hutchinson, Patrick; Gibson, Brian 17-Jan-2012
2007Forecast Rationality in Small FirmsGibson, Brian ; Cassar, Gavin26-May-2010
2004From What We Know to How We Use It: Five Principles for Turning Entrepreneurship Research into Practitioner Action GuidelinesHindle, Kevin; Anderson, Robert B; Gibson, Brian 29-Apr-2010
2004The Importance of Short Term Financing Sources in Small FirmsGibson, Brian 28-Oct-2010
2008Incorporating Heterogeneity into an Understanding of the Financial Structure of Privately Held FirmsGibson, Brian 29-Aug-2012
2003Indigenous Economic Development: A Tale of Two WineriesAnderson, Robert B; Wingham, Dianne W; Giberson, Robert J; Gibson, Brian 2-Jun-2010