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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2002Applied Creolistics in the 21st CenturySiegel, Jeff 19-May-2010
2005Applied Creolistics RevisitedSiegel, Jeff 26-May-2009
2005Aspects of Bunuba grammar and semanticsKnight, Emily Jane; Reid, Nicholas J; Goddard, Cliff ; Siegel, Jeff 23-Feb-2016
2010Bilingual literacy in creole contextsSiegel, Jeff 16-May-2011
2009Chinese Pidgin English in Southeastern Australia: The notebook of Jong Ah SiugSiegel, Jeff 25-Jul-2011
2010Contact Languages of the PacificSiegel, Jeff 19-Dec-2011
28-Jul-2020Contact Languages of the PacificSiegel, Jeff 26-Aug-2021
2007Creoles and minority dialects in education: An updateSiegel, Jeff 21-May-2009
2005Creolization outside CreolisticsSiegel, Jeff 25-May-2009
2008The Emergence of Pidgin and Creole LanguagesSiegel, Jeff 18-Aug-2009
2006Empowering Speakers of Unstandardized Varieties: The Awareness ApproachSiegel, Jeff 23-Feb-2010
2008Hawai'i Creole: Morphology and SyntaxSakoda, Kent; Siegel, Jeff 19-May-2010
2004Hawai'i Creole: morphology and syntaxSakoda, Kent; Siegel, Jeff 12-May-2010
2004Hawai'i Creole: phonologySakoda, K; Siegel, Jeff 12-May-2010
2008Hawai'i Creole: PhonologySakoda, Kent; Siegel, Jeff 19-May-2010
2008In praise of the cafeteria principle: Language mixing in Hawai'i CreoleSiegel, Jeff 18-Aug-2009
2007Introduction to 'Language Description, History and Development: Linguistic indulgence in memory of Terry Crowley'Siegel, Jeff ; Eades, Diana ; Lynch, J17-Aug-2009
2020John R. Rickford and Social Justice for Speakers of Vernacular EnglishSiegel, Jeff 24-Aug-2021
2006Keeping Creoles and Dialects Out of the Classroom: Is It Justified?Siegel, Jeff 8-Sep-2009
2009Language Contact and Second Language AcquisitionSiegel, Jeff 29-Feb-2012