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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
1998Academics Making Strategic Decisions: a case study of decisions and decision making in a student development unit in an Australian UniversityLegge, Ian Hector; Harman, Grant 25-Jul-2012
2006Adjustment of Australian Academics to the New Commercial University EnvironmentHarman, Grant 2-Jun-2010
2002The Ambition to be Different: The Intersections of Institutional Diversity and National Policy in Higher EducationCodling, Andrew Peter; Meek, Vincent Lynn; Harman, Grant 1-May-2013
2009Australia's Experiment: Tuition Fees, Student Loans, and University Income GenerationHarman, Grant 1-Jun-2010
2007Australia: Adjustment to the New Management and Entrepreneurial EnvironmentHarman, Grant ; Meek, Vincent Lynn 17-May-2010
2003Australian Academics and Prospective Academics: Adjustment to a More Commercial EnvironmentHarman, Grant 14-May-2010
2006Australian experience of transition to mass higher educationHarman, Grant 16-Jun-2010
2008Australian Experience with Private Higher EducationHarman, Grant 9-Aug-2012
2005Australian social scientists and transition to a more commercial university environmentHarman, Grant 17-Nov-2009
2010Australian university research commercialisation: perceptions of technology transfer specialists and science and technology academicsHarman, Grant 29-Mar-2010
2006Australian university technology transfer managers: Backgrounds, work roles, specialist skills and perceptionsHarman, Grant ; Stone, Christopher Dudley 4-Aug-2009
2002Australian University-Industry Research Links: Researcher Involvement, Outputs, Personal Benefits and 'Withholding' BehaviourHarman, Grant 1-May-2009
2004Comparative Perspectives on Mergers in Higher EducationHarman, Grant 3-Jun-2010
1999Consensus and Conflict in Stakeholder Perceptions of Management Education: Views of Management Educators, Employers and Students/Graduates about MBA Programmes in Three Australian UniversitiesLau, Agnes Y C; Harman, Grant ; Spencer, John23-Dec-2010
2008David A. Paul, When the Pot Boils: The Decline and Turnaround of Drexel UniversityHarman, Grant 12-May-2010
2003Dissemination of the Findings of Educational ResearchHarman, Grant ; Harman, Kay Maree 4-Mar-2010
2002Evaluation of the Australian Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS)Harman, Grant 30-Nov-2012
2010Funding of University ResearchHarman, Grant 10-Aug-2010
2004Governments and Universities as the Main Drivers of Enhanced Australian University Research Commercialisation CapabilityHarman, Grant ; Harman, Kay Maree 2-Mar-2010
2010Higher Education in Vietnam: Reform, Challenges and PrioritiesHarman, Grant ; Hayden, Martin; Nghi, Pham Thanh10-Jun-2010