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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2017"An accessible and paradigm‐altering pathway for integral leadership, optimal innovation, conscious culture and stakeholder alignment: from resource efficiency to sustainability"Valianatos, Orestis Denis; Denman, Brian ; Smith, Larry 31-Jul-2018
2006Apples and Oranges: Comparative Education and AustraliaDenman, Brian 18-Jan-2010
2013At a crossroads? Comparative and international education research in Asia and the PacificDenman, Brian ; Higuchi, Satoshi21-May-2013
2013Beyond the University: International university co-operation and network capitalDenman, Brian ; Dunstan, Neil 7-Jun-2013
2005Classifying World Universities and Cross-Border Higher EducationDenman, Brian 29-Oct-2010
2009Comparative and International Education Research in Australia and New ZealandDenman, Brian 27-Jun-2012
2009Comparative and International Education Research in Australia and New ZealandDenman, Brian 21-Apr-2010
2008Convergence of monastic and modern education in Bhutan?Denman, Brian ; Namgyel, Singye9-Dec-2009
2016Cultural ecology and isomorphism applied to educational planning in China's Inner Mongolia: A new rubricDenman, Brian ; James, Rosalind 22-Feb-2016
2015Cultural ecology or isomorphism? Possibilities and challenges for educational planning in Inner MongoliaDenman, Brian ; James, Rosalind 2-Jun-2015
2012Dreaming Emu: Indigenous cultural empowerment through art as therapy - Men & healing from the violence of colonisationKennedy, Dwayne Wannamarra Wyndier; Spence, Rebecca ; Denman, Brian 23-Jul-2012
2013Education as a Tool for Peace? The King Abdullah Scholarship Program and Perceptions of Saudi Arabia and UAE post 9/11Hilal, Kholoud T; Denman, Brian 22-May-2013
2010Education for All and Cross-Border Provision of Higher Education in the Asia-PacificDenman, Brian ; Dunstan, Neil 10-Jul-2013
2011Education for All and cross-border provision of higher education in the Asia-PacificDenman, Brian ; Dunstan, Neil 29-Feb-2012
2011Education Security as a New Concept: A proposal and prospectsHiguchi, Satoshi; Denman, Brian 21-May-2013
2001The Emergence of Trans-Regional Educational Exchange Schemes (TREES) in Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific RegionDenman, B 12-May-2008
2007The emergence of world and off-shore universities and other cross-border higher educationDenman, Brian 21-Dec-2009
2009Entering the Age of an Educational Renaissance: Ideas for unity of purpose or further discord? Proceedings of the 37th Annual Conference of the Australia and New Zealand Comparative and International Education SocietyDenman, Brian 27-Jun-2012
2010From Barriers to Bridges: An Investigation on Saudi Student Mobility (2006-2009)Denman, Brian ; Hilal, Kholoud T10-Jul-2013
2012From Barriers to Bridges: An investigation on Saudi student mobility (2006-2009)Denman, Brian ; Hilal, Kholoud T21-May-2013