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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2002Administrative Reform in Bangladesh: An Unfinished AgendaZafarullah, HM 26-May-2008
2013Availability of and Accessibility to Primary Health Care Services for Women Living in Poverty: The Bangladesh CaseBanik, Bijoy Krishna; Zafarullah, Habib ; Scott, John 14-Nov-2013
2017Barriers to and facilitators of the inclusion of learners with special education needs: An appraisal of the education systems of the islands of the Eastern CaribbeanHodge, Carel Eulena; Bennett, Cary ; Harrington, Ingrid ; Zafarullah, Habib M 22-Feb-2018
2013Bureaucratic Culture and the Social-Political Connection: The Bangladesh ExampleZafarullah, Habib M 12-Nov-2013
2007Bureaucratic Elitism in Bangladesh: The Predominance of Generalist AdministratorsZafarullah, Habib Mohammad 17-Dec-2009
2018Climate change, regulatory policies and regional cooperation in South AsiaZafarullah, Habib ; Huque, Ahmed Shafiqul11-Jun-2019
2014Colonial Bureaucracies: Politics of Administrative Reform in Nineteenth Century AustraliaZafarullah, Habib M 26-Feb-2015
2004Decentralized Governance and Participatory Development: The Asian ExperienceZafarullah, HM 30-Jun-2008
2017Discrimination and resistance: A critical discourse analysis of the ahmadiyya sect issue in IndonesiaIrawan, Andi Muhammad; Adnan, Zifirdaus ; Ryan, John S ; Zafarullah, Habib M 29-Mar-2018
2003Globalisation, State and Politics in Bangladesh: Implications for Democratic GovernanceZafarullah, Habib Mohammad 27-Apr-2009
2014The Governmental Machinery in BangladeshZafarullah, Habib M 27-Apr-2017
2010The Governors of British India During Lord Irwin's Viceroyalty 1926-1931Macnamara, Michael; Brasted, Howard ; Zafarullah, Habib 6-Jul-2010
2002Human Rights, Civil Society and Nongovernmental Organizations: The Nexus in BangladeshZafarullah, Habib Mohammad ; Rahman, MH1-May-2009
2008The impaired state: assessing state capacity and governance in BangladeshZafarullah, Habib Mohammad ; Rahman, Redwanur8-Dec-2009
2006Introduction: Challenges of Governing DevelopmentShafiqul Huque, Ahmed; Zafarullah, Habib Mohammad 22-Feb-2010
2013Islamic Schools in Australia: Muslims in Australia or Australian Muslims?Jones, Peter Duncan Phipps; Brasted, Howard ; Zafarullah, Habib 4-Nov-2013
2004MalaysiaSiddiquee, Noore Alam; Zafarullah, Habib M 6-Nov-2009
2012Managing Development in a Globalized World: Concepts, Processes, InstitutionsZafarullah, Habib Mohammad ; Huque, Ahmed Shafiqul24-May-2013
2016Muddling through: limitations and challenges of the health policy process in BangladeshZafarullah, Habib M ; Banik, Bijoy Kumar12-Oct-2016
2015Network Governance and Policy Making: Developments and Directions in AsiaZafarullah, Habib M 12-Aug-2015