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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2007Academic Professional Development for Effective E-learning: A Possible Framework for BrazilBossu, Carina ; Smyth, Robyn ; Stein, Sarah29-Jun-2011
2012Answering your significant research questions with the aid of a research matrixMaxwell, Thomas W ; Smyth, Robyn 19-Jun-2012
2005Broadband videoconferencing as a tool for learner-centred distance learning in higher educationSmyth, Robyn 6-Nov-2009
2007A Case Study: Conditions that Support Teacher Learning as Teachers Embed Computer-Based Technology into their PracticeProvest, Tracy Jane; Chick, John; Maxwell, Thomas W; Reading, Christine ; Smyth, Robyn 13-Nov-2014
2003Concepts of Change: Enhancing the Practice of Academic Staff Development in Higher EducationSmyth, Robyn 11-Nov-2009
2014Cyclical Reviews in Selected Western Sydney Government Schools (2006-2009): The Influence on Participating PrincipalsIkin, Kerrie Beryl; McClenaghan, Peter ; Smyth, Robyn 9-Apr-2015
2012The dynamics of Chinese learning journeys: a longitudinal study of adult learners of Mandarin in AustraliaTasker, Isabel ; Ellis, Elizabeth ; Smyth, Robyn 10-Oct-2012
2010Education for women who manifest thyroid type symptoms but cannot obtain a diagnosisHanson, Linda Frances; Dieberg, Gudrun ; Smyth, Robyn 13-Dec-2010
2010Enhancing learner-learner interaction using video communications in higher education: Implications from theorising about a new modelSmyth, Robyn 24-Mar-2010
2010Enhancing learning outcomes through group work in an internationalised undergraduate business education contextHunter, James D ; Vickery, Joanne ; Smyth, Robyn 20-Apr-2011
2007Evaluating the work of Academic Developers: A Case study from the University of New EnglandTynan, Belinda; Smyth, Robyn 17-Aug-2012
2006Exploring Congruence between Habermasian Philosophy, Mixed-Method Research, and Managing Data Using NVivoSmyth, Robyn 6-Nov-2009
2004Exploring the usefulness of a conceptual framework as a research tool: A researcher's reflectionsSmyth, Robyn 6-Nov-2009
2005Exploring the Usefulness of Broadband Videoconferencing for Student-Centred Distance Learning in Tertiary ScienceSmyth, Robyn 29-Oct-2009
2011Higher degree research supervision: From practice toward theoryMaxwell, Thomas W ; Smyth, Robyn 26-Jul-2011
2010Higher Distance Education in Brazil: Policies, Practices and Staff DevelopmentBossu, Carina ; Smyth, Robyn ; Maxwell, Thomas W; Stein, Sarah16-Jan-2013
2004Honouring our Tertiary Teaching: A collection of papers from the Faculty of Education, Health and Professional Studies 2003 symposium for recognising wonderful teaching and learningMcCrea, Nadine L ; Corrigan, Gerard; Smyth, Robyn 9-Oct-2009
2003Implementing VET in New South Wales government schools: Investigating implementers' expectations and perspectivesSmyth, Robyn 12-Feb-2010
2007Internet-based Videoconferencing for Teaching and Learning: A Cinderella StorySmyth, Robyn ; Zanetis, Janet21-May-2010
2007Leading Rich Media Implementation Collaboratively: Mobilising International, National and Business Expertise (Invited Keynote)Smyth, Robyn 10-Feb-2010