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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2014Aboriginal EnglishEades, Diana 17-Nov-2014
2007Aboriginal English in the criminal justice systemEades, Diana 2-Jun-2010
2013Aboriginal Ways of Using EnglishEades, Diana 24-Sep-2014
1999Anglo/Yolngu Communication in the Criminal Justice SystemCooke, Michael Stephen; Eades, Diana 22-Dec-2010
2005Applied Linguistics and Language Analysis in Asylum Seeker CasesEades, Diana 1-May-2009
2013Assessment in Asylum-Related Language AnalysisEades, Diana 7-Mar-2014
2005Beyond Difference and Domination?: Intercultural Communication in Legal ContextsEades, Diana 1-Jun-2010
2009Comment on Jan Blommaert's 'Language, Asylum, and the National Order'Eades, Diana 28-Nov-2011
2010Comment on Trinch's risky subjects: Risky narratives in courtroom testimonyEades, Diana 13-Jul-2011
2008Communicating with Aboriginal people in New South WalesEades, Diana 11-Jan-2012
2012Communication with Aboriginal Speakers of English in the Legal ProcessEades, Diana 9-May-2013
2008Courtroom Talk and Neocolonial ControlEades, Diana 10-Sep-2009
2010Cultural awareness and communicationEades, Diana 23-Jan-2012
2016Discursive Constructions of Consent in the Legal ProcessEhrlich, Susan; Eades, Diana ; Ainsworth, Janet1-Sep-2016
2016Erasing Context in the Courtroom Construal of ConsentEades, Diana 1-Sep-2016
2011Forensic LinguisticsEades, Diana 7-Mar-2012
2008From Expertise to Advocacy: Forensic Linguistics and Advocacy in Asylum Seeker CasesEades, Diana 24-May-2010
2010Guidelines from Linguists for LADOEades, Diana 28-Oct-2011
2012Intercultural Communication in the LawEades, Diana 7-Nov-2012
2006Interviewing and Examining Vulnerable WitnessesEades, Diana 29-Jul-2011