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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2012The 'Commons' Revisited: Learning from the Past for More Resilient Social and Ecological Communities in the FutureBrunckhorst, David J 10-Feb-2015
2006Designing Eco-Civic Regions for Natural Resources ManagementBrunckhorst, David John 19-Jan-2010
2007Designing robust common property regimes for collaboration towards rural sustainabilityBrunckhorst, David John ; Marshall, Graham Roy 20-Oct-2009
2006Designing Robust Common Property Regimes for Collaboration Towards Rural SustainabilityBrunckhorst, David John ; Marshall, Graham Roy 16-Feb-2010
2006'Eco-civic' optimisation: A nested framework for planning and managing landscapesBrunckhorst, DJ ; Coop, P; Reeve, I 12-May-2008
2011Ecological Restoration across Landscapes of Politics, Policy, and PropertyBrunckhorst, David J 18-Jun-2012
2008Exploring New Approaches to Community GovernanceBrunckhorst, David John 16-Dec-2009
2003Factors in the success of common property resource institutionsBrunckhorst, David John 30-Nov-2009
2006A Geography of Place: principles and application for defining 'eco-civic' resource governance regionsBrunckhorst, David John ; Reeve, Ian 1-May-2009
2011Hunter & Central Coasts New South Wales - Vulnerability to climate change impacts: Report to the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, AustraliaBrunckhorst, David J ; Reeve, Ian ; Morley, Philip; Coleman, Michael ; Barclay, Elaine ; McNeill, Judith ; Stayner, Richard ; Glencross-Grant, Rex ; Thompson, Jeff; Thompson, Lyndal-Joy3-Jan-2013
2002Institutions to sustain ecological and social systemsBrunckhorst, DJ 27-Jun-2008
2006Integrated modeling for landscape and watershed management: building multi-jurisdictional capabilitiesWaldick, Ruth; Brunckhorst, David John ; Campbell, Ian; Carmichael, Jeff24-Feb-2010
2005Integration Research for Shaping Sustainable Regional LandscapesBrunckhorst, DJ 7-Aug-2008
2013Interdisciplinary Conversations on Complexities of Food/In SecurityFoskey, Roslyn ; Avery, Alan J; Sims, Margaret ; Brunckhorst, David J 5-Feb-2013
2010Landscapes Shaped by People and Place Institutions Require a New Conservation AgendaBrunckhorst, David J 24-Sep-2010
2006Lines on Maps: Defining Resource Governance Regions from the 'Bottom-Up'Brunckhorst, David John ; Reeve, Ian 23-May-2012
2009On common ground: designing strategic spatial governance to advance integrated natural resource management and environmental outcomesBrunckhorst, David J 16-Apr-2010
2009Organisational Structures for Wildlife EnterprisesBrunckhorst, David J ; Coop, Phillip Raymond; Stayner, Richard ; Malcolm, John4-Aug-2010
2012Past, present and future landscapes: Understanding alternative futures for climate change adaptation of coastal settlements and communitiesMorley, Philip ; Trammell, Jamie ; Reeve, Ian ; McNeill, Judith ; Brunckhorst, David J ; Bassett, Scott26-Aug-2013
2008Reason and Reenchantment in Cultural Change: Sustainability in Higher EducationBrunckhorst, David John 26-Nov-2009