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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
20066-Benzylamino purine stimulates 'in vitro' shoot organogenesis in 'Eucalyptus erythronema, E. stricklandii' and their interspecific hybridsGlocke, Pauline; Collins, Graham; Sedgley, Margaret 2-Mar-2010
2009Almond Genetic Linkage Map and Quantitative Trait Loci for Flowering Time in a 'Nonpareil' × 'Lauranne' PopulationRabiei, Reza; Wu, Shubiao ; Gibson, John ; Hunt, Peter; Murison, Robert D ; Sedgley, Margaret 26-Mar-2010
2009Almond Genetic Linkage Map and Quantitative Trait Loci for Flowering Time in a (Nonpareil x Lauranne) PopulationRabiei, Reza; Wu, Shubiao ; Gibson, John ; Hunt, Peter; Murison, Robert D ; Sedgley, Margaret 8-Mar-2010
2011Aspects of Macadamia Flowering and the Applications to Canopy ManagementWilkie, John D; Sedgley, Margaret ; Olesen, Trevor David 18-Jul-2012
2007'Banksia': New Proteaceous Cut Flower CropSedgley, Margaret 1-Dec-2010
2013Canopy management strategies for macadamia ('Macadamia integrifolia', 'M. integrifolia' x 'M. tetraphylla')McFadyen, Lisa Maree; Kristiansen, Paul ; Sedgley, Margaret ; Olesen, Trevor 15-Nov-2013
2009Characteristics of flowering stems and raceme position in macadamiaWilkie, John D; Sedgley, Margaret ; Morris, Stephen; Muldoon, Steven; Olesen, Trevor D11-Mar-2010
2006Concentration and Duration of Ethylene Treatment Influences the Response of Banana to 1-MethylcyclopropeneMoradinezhad, F; Able, A J; Sedgley, Margaret ; Klieber, A16-Apr-2010
2010Construction of an almond linkage map in an Australian population Nonpareil × LauranneTavassolian, Iraj; Rabiei, Gholamreza; Gregory, Davina; Mnejja, Mourad; Wirthensohn, Michelle G; Hunt, Peter W; Gibson, John ; Ford, Christopher M; Sedgley, Margaret ; Wu, Shu-Biao 29-Oct-2010
2007Cross-pollination in Olive CultivarsGuerin, Jenny; Sedgley, Margaret 20-Jun-2011
2010Discrimination of SNP genotypes associated with complex haplotypes by high resolution melting analysis in almond: implications for improved marker efficienciesWu, Shubiao ; Franks, Tricia; Hunt, Peter; Wirthensohn, Michelle; Gibson, John ; Sedgley, Margaret 9-Mar-2010
2006Effects of auxins on organogenesis and somatic embryogenesis from juvenile explants of 'Eucalyptus erythronema', E. 'stricklandii', and two inter-specific hybridsGlocke, Pauline; Collins, Graham; Sedgley, Margaret 5-Mar-2010
2013Effects of girdling on fruit abscission, yield and shoot growth in macadamiaMcFadyen, Lisa; Robertson, David; Sedgley, Margaret ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Olesen, Trevor28-Mar-2014
2012Effects of the ethylene inhibitor aminoethoxyvinylglycine (AVG) on fruit abscission and yield on pruned and unpruned macadamia treesMcFadyen, Lisa Maree; Robertson, D; Sedgley, Margaret ; Kristiansen, Paul ; Olesen, Trevor David 13-Jun-2012
2010Genetic Linkage Mapping and Quantitative Trait Analysis of Important Traits in AlmondRabiei, Gholamreza; Sedgley, Margaret ; Gibson, John ; Wu, Shubiao ; Hunt, Peter13-Dec-2010
2006Genetic, phenotypic and pathogenic diversity among xanthomonads isolate from pistachio ('Pistacia vera') in AustraliaMarefat, A; Scott, E S; Ophel-Keller, K; Sedgley, Margaret 2-Mar-2010
2012High Levels of Genetic Contamination in Remnant Populations of 'Acacia saligna' from a Genetically Divergent Planted StandMillar, Melissa A; Byrne, Margaret; Nuberg, Ian K; Sedgley, Margaret 31-Mar-2014
2008High outcrossing and random pollen dispersal in a planted stand of 'Acacia saligna' subsp. 'saligna' revealed by paternity analysis using microsatellitesMillar, MA; Byrne, M; Nuberg, I; Sedgley, Margaret 25-Feb-2010
2008High resolution melting analysis of almond SNPs derived from ESTsWu, Shu-Biao ; Wirtensohn, Michelle G.; Hunt, Peter; Gibson, John Paul ; Sedgley, Margaret 9-Nov-2009
2006Improved methods in 'Agrobacterium'–mediated transformation of almond using positive (mannose/pmi) or negative (kanamycin resistance) selection-based protocolsRamesh, Sunita A; Kaiser, Brent N; Franks, Tricia; Collins, Graham; Sedgley, Margaret 2-Mar-2010