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2005Accessing limnological change and variability using fossil diatom assemblages, south-east AustraliaGell, P; Tibby, J; Walsh, B; Fluin, J; Leahy, P; Reid, Michael ; Adamson, K; Bulpin, S; MacGregor, A; Wallbrink, P; Hancock, G18-Jul-2011
2016Adaptive cycles of floodplain vegetation response to flooding and dryingThapa, Rajesh ; Thoms, Martin ; Parsons, Melissa ; Reid, Michael 27-Jan-2016
2006Are flood plain-wetland plant communities determined by seed bank composition or inundation periods?Webb, Munique; Reid, Michael ; Capon, S; Thoms, Martin ; Rayburg, S; James, C11-Aug-2011
2014Assessing change in floodplain wetland condition in the Murray Darling Basin, AustraliaGell, Peter; Reid, Michael 24-Sep-2015
5-Oct-2022Assessing the Potential Impacts of Environmental and Climate Change on Wetlands in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam Using Remote Sensing and Modelling ApproachesThi Ngoc An Dang; Reid, Michael ; Mika, Sarah 7-Aug-2023
2006Biological and geochemical record of anthropogenic impacts in recent sediments from Lake Pupuke, Auckland City, New ZealandAugustinus, P; Reid, Michael ; Andersson, S; Deng, Y; Horrocks, M19-Jul-2011
2012Changes in benthic community structure and function in an Australian regulated upland stream following wildfireReid, Michael ; Thoms, Martin 4-Jun-2013
2016Climate change and the future of Australian riverine vegetationJames, Cassandra; Reid, Michael ; Capon, Samantha26-May-2016
1-May-2020Comparison of historical and modern river surveys reveal changes to waterhole characteristics in an Australian dryland riverPearson, Marita R ; Reid, Michael A ; Miller, Cara ; Ryder, Darren 12-Oct-2020
2015A Conceptual Model for Anostracan BiogeographyRogers, David Christopher; Thoms, Martin ; Reid, Michael 30-Mar-2015
2008Determination and interpretation of sediment provenance in a sedimentary sequence affected by post-depositional changesCossart, R A; Thoms, Martin ; Reid, Michael 18-Jul-2011
2012Determining the ecohydrological character of aquatic refugia in a dryland river system: the importance of temporal scaleWebb, Munique; Reid, Michael ; Thoms, Martin 13-Aug-2012
2017The diatom 'Lindavia intermedia' identified as the producer of nuisance pelagic mucilage in lakesNovis, Phil; Schallenberg, Marc; Saulnier-Talbot, Emilie; Kilroy, Cathy; Reid, Michael 2-Jan-2018
2005Diatom-based models for reconstructing past water quality and productivity in New Zealand lakesReid, Michael 18-Jul-2011
2012A diatom-inferred record of reduced effective precipitation during the Last Glacial Coldest Phase (28.8-18.0 cal kyr BP) and increasing Holocene seasonality at Lake Pupuke, Auckland, New ZealandStephens, Thomas; Atkin, Daniel; Cochran, Ursula; Augustinus, Paul; Reid, Michael ; Lorrey, Andrew; Shane, Philip; Street-Perrott, Alayne27-Feb-2013
May-2020Do adaptive cycles of floodplain vegetation response to inundation differ among vegetation communities?Thapa, Rajesh ; Thoms, Martin C ; Reid, Michael ; Parsons, Melissa 7-Oct-2020
2021Do temperature and water depth influence microcrustacean hatching responses from floodplain wetland sediments?Chaki, Nipa ; Reid, Michael ; Nielsen, Daryl L16-Mar-2022
2017Does reintroducing large wood influence the hydraulic landscape of a lowland river at multiple discharges?Matheson, Adrian; Thoms, Martin ; Southwell, Mark ; Reid, Michael 9-Feb-2018
2017Does reintroducing large wood influence the hydraulic landscape of a lowland river system?Matheson, Adrian; Thoms, Martin ; Reid, Michael 12-Feb-2018
2018Does the reintroduction of large wood in a large dryland river system benefit fish assemblages at the reach scale?Matheson, Adrian; Thoms, Martin ; Southwell, Mark; Reid, Michael 16-Feb-2018