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2005Are Trade Deficits Self Correcting? The Case of AustraliaWijeweera, A 29-Sep-2008
2010An assessment of rate-pegging in New South Wales local governmentDollery, Brian E ; Wijeweera, Albert 24-Sep-2010
2007AVAR Analysis of the Impacts of Company Tax Rates on Foreign Direct Investment and other Macro-economic Variables in AustraliaWijeweera, Albert ; Mounter, Stuart 27-Nov-2009
2008Bilateral Import Demand Elasticities the Case of BangladeshWijeweera, Albert ; Hussain, Mohammed Nur; Dollery, Brian E 9-Nov-2009
2007Corporate tax rates and foreign direct investment in the United StatesWijeweera, Albert ; Dollery, Brian Edward ; Clark, Don30-Mar-2010
2006Corruption and Foreign Direct Investments: A Panel AnalysisWijeweera, A ; Dollery, BE 25-Sep-2008
2007Economic Growth and External Debt Servicing: A Cointegration Analysis for the Case of Sri LankaWijeweera, Albert ; Dollery, Brian Edward ; Pathberiya, Palitha19-Jan-2010
2011The Effects of Fiscal and Monetary Policies on Aggregate Demand (Output) in Selected Asian Economies: A VAR and Panel VAR ApproachHussain, Mohammed Nur; Yarram, Subba ; Wijeweera, Albert ; Hoang, Nam ; Siriwardana, Mahinda11-Oct-2011
2008An Empirical Examination of Bilateral Trade Elasticities: The Case of BangladeshWijeweera, Albert ; Hussain, Mohammed Nur; Mounter, Stuart 3-Jun-2013
2007Estimation of the Export Demand Function using Bilateral Trade Data: The Case of BangladeshHussain, Mohammed Nur; Wijeweera, Albert ; Dollery, Brian E 3-Dec-2009
2005The impact of corporate income tax rate on foreign direct investment in Australia and implications for technology transferWijeweera, A ; Siriwardana, M 5-May-2008
2005An Overview of the External Debt Situation in Sri LankaPathberiya, Palitha; Wijeweera, Albert 19-Nov-2010
2006Taxation and Foreign Direct Investment Inflows: Time Series Evidence from the USWijeweera, A ; Clark, DP8-May-2008
2008A VAR Analysis on the Determinants of FDI Inflows: The Case of Sir LankaWijeweera, Albert ; Mounter, Stuart 16-Dec-2009