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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2006Advantages of Binaural HearingDunn, Camille C; Yost, William; Noble, William Glass ; Tyler, Richard S; Witt, Shelley A22-Feb-2010
2009An analysis of the masking of speech by competing speech using self-report data (L)Agus, Trevor R; Akeroyd, Michael A; Noble, William G ; Bhullar, Navjot 2-Feb-2010
2010Assessing Binaural Hearing: Results Using the Speech, Spatial and Qualities of Hearing ScaleNoble, William G 16-May-2011
2011Assessing Binaural Hearing: Results Using the Speech, Spatial and Qualities of Hearing ScaleNoble, William 16-Feb-2023
1991Assessment of Impaired HearingNoble, William 13-Feb-2023
1978Assessment of impaired hearing: A critique and a new methodNoble, William G 8-May-2023
2008Auditory Reality and Self-Assessment of HearingNoble, William G 13-Jul-2011
1996Behavioural research in health: individual subject vs person in contextNoble, William 15-Feb-2023
2006Benefits of Fitting One Versus Two Hearing AidsNoble, William Glass 12-Jul-2011
2006Benefits of Sign Language Interpreting and Text Alternatives for Deaf Students' Classroom LearningMarschark, M; Leigh, G; Sapere, P; Burnham, D; Convertino, C; Stinson, M; Knoors, H; Verloed, MPJ; Noble, William Glass 1-May-2009
2009Bilateral and Unilateral Cochlear Implant Users Compared on Speech Perception in NoiseDunn, Camille C; Noble, William G ; Tyler, Richard S; Kordus, Monika; Gantz, Bruce J; Ji, Haihong11-Mar-2010
2012Bilateral cochlear implants in long-term and short-term deafnessMcNeill, Celene; Noble, William G ; Purdy, Suzanne C; O'Brien, Anna; Sharma, Mridula13-May-2011
2006Bilateral hearing aids: A review of self-reports of benefit in comparison with unilateral fittingNoble, William Glass 18-Nov-2009
2005Binaural hearing has advantages for cochlear implant users alsoNoble, William Glass ; Tyler, Richard; Dunn, Camille; Witt, Shelley2-Dec-2009
1971Clinical Picture of Occupational Hearing Loss obtained with the Hearing Measurement ScaleAtherley, G R C; Noble, W G 23-Feb-2023
22-Oct-2007Clinical trials for tinnitus: study populations, designs, measurement variables, and data analysisTyler, Richard S; Oleson, Jacob; Noble, William ; Coelho, Claudia; Ji, Helena18-Dec-2009
2003Comment on 'Horizontal localization and speech intelligibility with bilateral and unilateral hearing aid amplification' by S. Köbler and U. RosenhallNoble, William Glass 26-Nov-2009
2001Comments on 'Grave Markers: Middle and Early Upper Paleolithic Burials and the Use of Chronotypology in Contemporary Paleolithic Research' by Julien Riel-Salvatore and Geoffrey A. ClarkDavidson, Iain ; Noble, William Glass 22-May-2012
2008Comparison of Speech Recognition and Localization Performance in Bilateral and Unilateral Cochlear Implant Users Matched on Duration of Deafness and Age at ImplementationDunn, Camille C; Tyler, Richard S; Oakley, Sarah; Gantz, Bruce J; Noble, William Glass 3-Dec-2009
2006Considerations for the design of clinical trials for tinnitusTyler, Richard S; Noble, William Glass ; Coelho, Claudia14-Dec-2009