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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2019All’s fair in love and war? Fairness, fair comment and the historical importance of the reputation of the plaintiffLunney, Mark 29-Jul-2019
2002Alverstone, 1st viscount (1842-1915)Lunney, Mark 23-Feb-2010
2008Animals, liability forLunney, Mark 20-Apr-2010
2017'Australia' in Briefing Note on the Discount Rate applying to Quantum in Personal Injury Cases: Comparative PerspectivesLunney, Mark 4-May-2018
2015Australia: a land of plenty (of legislative regimes)Burns, Kylie; Loughnan, Arlie; Lunney, Mark ; Willis, Sonya23-Apr-2017
2013Australian Tort Law: Unity, Fragmentation and ComplexityLunney, Mark 2-Jun-2014
2011Australian Tort Law: Unity, Fragmentation and ComplexityLunney, Mark 12-Dec-2013
2008Bolton v Stone (1951)Lunney, Mark 20-Apr-2010
2006Book Review: Lives of the Australian Chief Justices: 'Sir James Martin' by J M Bennett , The Federation Press, Sydney, 2005, v-xxii, 384pp, ISBN 1-86287-589-8; 'Colonial Law Lords' by J M Bennett, The Federation Press, Sydney, 2006, v-vi, 49pp, ISBN 1-86287-598-7; 'Callaghan's Diary: the 1840's Sydney Diary of Thomas Callaghan of the King's Inn, Dublin, Barrister-at-Law' edited and translated by J M Bennett, Francis Forbes Society for Legal History, Sydney, 2005, ii-xx, 222pp, ISBN 0-9751103-2-2.Lunney, Mark 16-Jul-2009
2002Capacity to Commit a Tort and to SueLunney, Mark 14-May-2009
2007Capacity to Commit a Tort and to SueLunney, Mark 24-Aug-2009
2013Case III: Bridge CollapseLunney, Mark 13-Dec-2013
2005Causation, Science and Sir Owen DixonLunney, M 13-May-2008
2004Cole v South Tweed Heads Rugby League Club Ltd: (2004) 78 ALJR 933Lunney, M ; Werren, JC 30-Jun-2008
2019Common Law Codification: Lessons and Warnings from Twenty-First Century AustraliaLunney, Mark 28-Oct-2020
2017Common practice, breach of duty and jury trials: the history of Mercer v Commissioner of road Transport and Tramways (1936)Lunney, Mark 20-Apr-2018
2009Contingency and the Common Law: 'Hargrave v Goldman' at First InstanceLunney, Mark 18-Aug-2011
2008Counterfactuals and Corrective Justice: Allan Beever's Rediscovering the Law of Negligence and Bolton v Stone in ContextLunney, Mark 21-May-2012
2009Counterfactuals and Corrective Justice: Legal History and Allan Beever’s 'Rediscovering the Law of Negligence'Lunney, Mark 31-Mar-2010
2002Cozens-Hardy, Herbert Hardy (1838-192o)Lunney, Mark 23-Feb-2010