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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2005Accessing Board Positions: a comparison of female and male board members' viewsSheridan, AJ ; Milgate, GC2-May-2008
2003Accessing board positions: women's and men's viewsSheridan, Alison Jane 31-Jul-2009
2002Accessing Directorships: Comparison of Views of Canadian and Australian Women DirectorsSheridan, Alison Jane 24-Dec-2009
2008Building Innovative Partnerships Develops Future Leaders in HealthcareHogan, K; Macdonald, Ian David; Sheridan, Alison Jane ; Field, K3-Sep-2009
2006'A Cappella' and Diva: A Collaborative Process for Individual Academic WritingBeck, Wendy Elizabeth ; Dunne, Kerry ; Fisher, Josephine A ; O'Sullivan, Jane; Sheridan, Alison Jane 26-May-2009
2015Career Enablers for Women in Regional and Metropolitan Accounting SMEsAdapa, Sujana ; Sheridan, Alison J ; Rindfleish, Jennifer M 9-Oct-2015
2007Caring for each other: how do nurse managers 'manage' their role?Paliadelis, Penelope Susan ; Cruickshank, Mary Therese ; Sheridan, Alison Jane 25-Nov-2009
-A case of multiple oppressions: women’s career opportunities in Malaysian SME accounting firmsAdapa, Sujana ; Sheridan, Alison 22-Apr-2019
2004Changing HRM practices with firm growthKotey, Bernice Adei ; Sheridan, Alison Jane 3-Aug-2009
2004Chronic Presenteeism: The Multiple Dimensions to Men's Absence from Part-Time WorkSheridan, AJ 27-Jun-2008
2008Complex and contradictory: the doing of gender on regional development boardsSheridan, Alison Jane ; Haslam-McKenzie, F; Still, L7-Sep-2009
2011Complex and Contradictory: The Doing of Gender on Regional Development BoardsSheridan, Alison J ; McKenzie, Fiona; Still, Leonie29-Jul-2011
2016The Complex Hues of Entrepreneurial Identity Amongst Women Owning Accounting FirmsAdapa, Sujana ; Sheridan, Alison J 23-Apr-2017
2017Crafting careers in a technology-enabled flexible work environmentField, Justin Craig; Smith-Ruig, Theresa ; Sheridan, Alison ; Conway, Mary-Louise 29-Nov-2017
2009Creating an "agora" for storytelling as a way of challenging the gendered structures of academiaRindfleish, Jennifer M ; Sheridan, Alison J ; Kjeldal, Sue-Ellen2-Feb-2010
2005Deal-making and rule-breaking: behind the facade of equity in academiaKjeldal, S; Rindfleish, JM ; Sheridan, AJ 2-May-2008
2016'Doing gender' in a regional context: Explaining women's absence from senior roles in regional accounting firms in AustraliaAdapa, Sujana ; Rindfleish, Jennifer M ; Sheridan, Alison J 30-Mar-2016
2009Editorial: Profitable MarginsSheridan, Alison J ; Pringle, Judith K; Strachan, Glenda4-Feb-2010
2007Education, election or a tap on the shoulder: The gendered processes of appointment to regional development boardsSheridan, Alison Jane 15-Feb-2010
2009Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Management: Can either live up to the promise of achieving gender equity?French, Erica; Sheridan, Alison J 22-Mar-2010