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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2007Antimony and arsenic dispersion in the Macleay River catchment, New South Wales: A study of the environmental geochemical consequencesAshley, Paul ; Graham, B P; Tighe, Matthew ; Wolfenden, Benjamin J6-May-2009
2008Assessment of rehabilitated uranium mine sites, AustraliaLottermoser, B; Ashley, Paul 6-Feb-2012
2013The availability and mobility of arsenic and antimony in an acid sulfate soil pasture systemTighe, Matthew ; Lockwood, Peter V ; Ashley, Paul ; Murison, Robert D ; Wilson, Susan C 24-Jun-2013
2009Bioavailability and Risk from Antimony and Arsenic Contamination: Final Report June 2009Lockwood, Peter ; Wilson, Susan C ; Ashley, Paul ; Maher, Bill11-Aug-2010
2007Biogeochemistry of Pb-Zn gossans, northwest Queensland, Australia: Implications for mineral exploration and mine site rehabilitationLottermoser, BG; Ashley, Paul ; Munksgaard, NC21-May-2009
2010The chemistry and behaviour of antimony in the soil environment with comparisons to arsenic: A critical reviewWilson, Susan C ; Lockwood, Peter V ; Ashley, Paul ; Tighe, Matthew 6-May-2010
2005Contaminant dispersion at the rehabilitated Mary Kathleen uranium mine, AustraliaLottermoser, BG; Ashley, Paul ; Costelloe, MT1-May-2009
2005Discussion on detachment faulting and bimodal magmatism in the Palaeoproterozoic Willyama Supergroup, south-central Australia: keys to recognition of a multiply deformed Precambrian metamorphic core complexConnor, CHH; Pries, WV; Page, RW; Stevens, BPJ; Plimer, IR; Ashley, Paul 1-May-2009
2002The Dunbogan L6 Chondrite: A New Meteorite Fall from New South Wales, AustraliaFlood, Peter Gerard ; Ashley, Paul ; Pogson, RE11-May-2009
2013Effects of nutrient and lime additions in mine site rehabilitation strategies on the accumulation of antimony and arsenic by native Australian plantsWilson, Susan C ; Leech, Calvin D; Butler, Leo; Lisle, Leanne ; Ashley, Paul ; Lockwood, Peter V 27-Nov-2013
2006The Environmental Fate and Behaviour of Antimony in the Coastal Floodplain System of the Macleay Catchment, with Comparisons to ArsenicTighe, Matthew Kevin; Ashley, Paul ; Lockwood, Peter; Wilson, Susan 19-Jul-2016
2004Environmental geochemistry of the derelict Webbs Consols mine, New South Wales, AustraliaAshley, Paul ; Lottermoser, BG; Collins, Anthony J ; Grant, Carl1-May-2009
2003Environmental geochemistry of the Mt Perry copper mines area, SE Queensland, AustraliaAshley, Paul ; Lottermoser, BG; Chubb, AJ20-May-2009
2003Environmental mobility of antimony around mesothermal stibnite deposits, New South Wales, Australia and southern New ZealandAshley, Paul ; Craw, D; Graham, Benjamin P; Chappell, DA28-Aug-2012
2005Environmental review of the Radium Hill mine site, South AustraliaLottermoser, BG; Ashley, Paul 27-Sep-2011
2014Food crop accumulation and bioavailability assessment for antimony (Sb) compared with arsenic (As) in contaminated soilsWilson, Susan C ; Tighe, Matthew ; Paterson, Ewan; Ashley, Paul 30-Sep-2014
2013Formation of weathering-derived magnesite deposits in the New England Orogen, New South Wales, Australia: Implications from mineralogy, geochemistry and genesis of the Attunga magnesite depositOskierski, Hans C; Bailey, Judy G; Kennedy, Eric M; Jacobsen, Geraldine; Ashley, Paul ; Dlugogorski, Bogdan Z28-Mar-2013
2006The Fox Tor Diorite, a newly recognised intrusion within the New England Batholith, northern New South WalesStonestreet, P; Ashley, Paul ; Brown, RE; Sivell, Warwick John22-Sep-2011
2011The glacial succession of Sturtian age in South Australia: the Yudnamutana SubgroupPreiss, Wolfgang V; Gostin, Victor A; McKirdy, David M; Ashley, Paul ; Williams, George E; Schmidt, Philip W14-May-2012
2005Halls Peak Massive Sulphide Deposits, New England, NSWAshley, Paul ; Wolfenden, Benjamin6-Dec-2011