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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2007Anti-realist assumptions and challenges in philosophy of mindKhlentzos, Drew Michael 17-Aug-2009
2008The case of the missing generalizationsCrain, Stephen; Thornton, Rosalind; Khlentzos, Drew M 26-May-2010
2010Evolutionary and Genetic Perspectives on Educational AttainmentByrne, Brian J ; Khlentzos, Drew M ; Olson, Richard K; Samuelsson, Stefan8-Jun-2011
2010In Defence of NativismKhlentzos, Drew M 31-May-2010
2008Is Logic Innate?Crain, S; Khlentzos, Drew Michael 22-May-2009
2010The Logic InstinctCrain, Stephen; Khlentzos, Drew M 6-May-2010
2007Mental categories in natural languagesKhlentzos, Drew Michael ; Schalley, Andrea 18-Aug-2009
2007Mental States - Volume 1: Evolution, function, natureSchalley, Andrea ; Khlentzos, Drew Michael 11-Aug-2009
2007Mental States - Volume 2: Language and cognitive structureSchalley, Andrea ; Khlentzos, Drew Michael 11-Aug-2009
2007Mental states: Evolution, function, natureKhlentzos, Drew Michael ; Schalley, Andrea 17-Aug-2009
2008Moral Realism, Meta-Ethical Pyrrhonism and NaturalismKhlentzos, Drew Michael 18-Aug-2009
2004Naturalistic Realism and the Antirealist ChallengeKhlentzos, DM 30-Jul-2008
2010RealismKhlentzos, Drew M 31-May-2011
2011Review of Barry Stroud, 'Engagement and Metaphysical Dissatisfaction: Modality and Value', Oxford University Press, 2011, 163pp., $49.95 (hbk), ISBN 9780199764969.Khlentzos, Drew M 23-Apr-2012
2004Semantic Challenges to RealismKhlentzos, DM 8-Dec-2008
2011Semantic EntanglementKhlentzos, Drew M 24-Apr-2012
2011True to the power of one? Cognition, argument and reasoningKhlentzos, Drew M ; Stevenson, Bruce 26-Jul-2011
2002Truthmaker and its VariantsKhlentzos, DM ; Forrest, Peter 29-Sep-2008
2010Universal Grammar versus linguistic diversityCrain, Stephen; Khlentzos, Drew M ; Thornton, Rosalind2-May-2011
2000What in the World Could Correspond to Truth?Khlentzos, DM 29-Sep-2008