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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2006A 20-year study of mathematics achievementGriffin, P; Callingham, RA 18-Jul-2008
2006Applying Item Response Modelling to Confirm the Underlying Construct of a New Process Instrument in GymnasticsHaynes, JE ; Miller, JA ; Callingham, RA ; Pegg, JE 19-Aug-2008
2006Assessing Statistical Literacy: A Question of Interpretation?Callingham, Rosemary Anne 19-Sep-2012
2011Beginning Teachers' Mathematical Knowledge: What is Needed?Callingham, Rosemary A ; Beswick, Kim; Chick, Helen; Clark, Julie; Goos, Merrilyn; Kissane, Barry; Serow, Penelope A ; Thornton, Stephen; Tobias, Stephen 7-Feb-2014
2002Changing Places: A New Model For Professional DevelopmentSmith, Pat; Callingham, Rosemary Anne ; Nicholson, Vicki18-Oct-2013
2007Commentary - The development of change measurementCallingham, Rosemary Anne 11-Feb-2010
2003A Comparison Among Three Different Approaches to Mathematics AssessmentCallingham, Rosemary Anne 2-Aug-2012
2007Cooperating to learn mathematics: Some lessons from Year 7Scarlett, Annette; Callingham, Rosemary Anne 6-Aug-2012
2005Critical literacy in the information age: Lies, damn lies and ...Callingham, Rosemary Anne 18-Jan-2010
2004A Developmental Scale of Mental Computation with Part-Whole NumbersCallingham, Rosemary Anne ; Watson, J20-May-2009
2008Dialogue and Feedback: Assessment in the Primary Mathematics ClassroomCallingham, Rosemary Anne 29-Nov-2010
2008Establishing PCK for Teaching StatisticsWatson, JM; Callingham, Rosemary Anne ; Donne, JM19-Sep-2012
2008Factors Responsible for the Superior Performance of Male Students in Years 3 and 5 Standardised Testing in One Australian Primary SchoolDinham, Stephen; Buckland, Corinne Anitra; Callingham, Rosemary Anne ; Mays, Heather12-Apr-2010
2007A grassroots approach to improving numeracyMildrum, C; Callingham, Rosemary Anne ; Hickling, B6-Aug-2012
2006The Impact of an Education for Sustainability Unit on the Knowledge and Attitudes of Pre-Service Primary Teachers at an Australian UniversityTaylor, Neil ; Kennelly, Julie Anne; Jenkins, Kathryn Ann ; Callingham, Rosemary Anne 4-Dec-2009
2008The Introduction of Interactive Whiteboard Technology in Primary Mathematics Classroom: Three Case StudiesSerow, Penelope Anne ; Callingham, Rosemary Anne 20-May-2010
2011Levels of use of Interactive Whiteboard technology in the primary mathematics classroomSerow, Penelope A ; Callingham, Rosemary A 18-Apr-2012
2002Mathematical connections for the middle school specialistCallingham, Rosemary Anne ; Watson, Jane8-Aug-2013
2012Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching of MERGA MembersCallingham, Rosemary A ; Beswick, Kim; Clark, Julie; Kissane, Barry; Serow, Penelope A ; Thornton, Stephen10-Apr-2013
2003The measurement of school students' understanding of statistical variationWatson, J M; Kelly, B A; Callingham, Rosemary Anne ; Shaughnessy, J M18-Sep-2012