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2010Evaluation of the Risks and Benefits of Granting Rights in LandMartin, Paul ; Binney, Jim; Kennedy, Amanda L; Williams, Jacqueline ; Page, John 15-Dec-2014
2008A History of Bach Tenure in New ZealandPage, John 9-Jul-2009
2008Property Law in the South Island High Country: Part IIPage, John ; Brower, A5-Aug-2009
2007Property Law in the South Island High Country: Statutory, Not Common Law LeasesPage, John ; Brower, A22-May-2009
2011Property: Legal Link between People and the SoilMartin, Paul ; Page, John 30-Mar-2012
2011Question: How does the Common Law look at (a) the body and (b) property as it might relate to the body or body parts, cells or cellular information?Johnston, Adam; Martin, Paul ; Page, John 21-Sep-2012
2009Review of A. R. Buck, 'The Making of Australian Property Law': The Federation Press, Annandale, 2006, ISBN 978186287 6347, pbk, x + 166 pp, $49.95.Page, John 13-May-2010
2008Views, property rights and New Zealand land reformPage, John ; Brower, A25-Aug-2009
2012When Do Too Many Good Economic Instruments Become Bad Legal Policy?Kennedy, Amanda L ; Martin, Paul ; Williams, Jacqueline ; Page, John 17-Oct-2012