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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
201040 years out: Reflections on not being in the closet - a personal accountFisher, Jeremy 8-Jul-2011
2010Age of dreams and nightmares: Review of 'Boys of Summer' Peter Skrzynecki, Brandl & Schlesinger, 224pp, $26.95Fisher, Jeremy 28-Jul-2011
2013Australia's First Gay NovelFisher, Jeremy 4-Feb-2014
2013Australia's first gay novelFisher, Jeremy 3-Oct-2014
2012Children's Book Awards in Australia: Their Effects on the Literary MarketplaceFisher, Heather Jean; Hale, Elizabeth ; Fisher, Jeremy ; Croker, Beverley M; Buckland, Corinne; Unsworth, Leonard 2-Aug-2012
2008Co May Dung LacFisher, Jeremy 29-Feb-2012
2010Compassion for the life of Brian: Review of 'Our Father Who Wasn't There' By David Carlin, Scribe, 225pp, $32.95Fisher, Jeremy 28-Jul-2011
2008Creating disconcerting uncertainty through sustained second person narrative voice: Second person narrative voice in the fiction of G.M. Glaskin and Peter KocanFisher, Jeremy 24-Sep-2010
2004Cuddling the Wrong Characters: Reading, writing and gay self-identityFisher, Jeremy 28-Apr-2010
2010Current issues in broadcasting and publishingFisher, Jeremy 30-Jun-2011
2005Current Publishing Practice: An Australian ReportFisher, Jeremy 2-Jul-2012
2013Did anyone mention the marketplace? Review of Dianne Donnelly and Graeme Harper (eds) 'Key Issues in Creative Writing' Multilingual Matters, Bristol UK 2012: ISBN 978-1-84769-846-9 Pb 208pp GBP19.96Fisher, Jeremy 6-May-2013
2016The Dirty Little DogFisher, Jeremy 20-Jun-2017
2013Droll musings from a compassionate poet: Review of Michael Sharkey 'Another Fine Morning in Paradise' 5 Islands Press, Melbourne 2012. ISBN 978-0-7340-4745-8 Pb 100pp AUD24.95Fisher, Jeremy 6-May-2013
2010E-books and the Australian Publishing IndustryFisher, Jeremy 11-Nov-2010
2013An End to the Way: Pulp Becomes Classic Down-UnderFisher, Jeremy 31-Mar-2014
2009An exemplary editor and mentorFisher, Jeremy 17-Jun-2011
2016Faith Hope and Stubborn Pride: Searching for Heaven in Aotearoa and AustraliaFisher, Jeremy 2-Feb-2018
2012First, we named ourselves, then we told our storiesFisher, Jeremy 27-Mar-2012
2012Forward to an academic discipline!: Review of Dianne Donnelly 'Establishing Creative Writing Studies as an Academic Discipline' Multilingual Matters, Bristol UK 2012. ISBN 9781847695895, Pb 176 pp GBP19.95Fisher, Jeremy 2-Nov-2012