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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2016Aboriginal Memories of Inundation of the Australian Coast Dating from More than 7000 Years AgoNunn, Patrick ; Reid, Nicholas J 6-Nov-2017
2007The AD 1300 Event in the Pacific BasinNunn, Patrick 14-Jul-2011
2012Analysis of pottery samples from Bourewa, the earliest known 'Lapita' site in FijiRutherford, JS; Almond, MJ; Nunn, Patrick 16-Dec-2011
2014Audience segmentation and climate change communication: conceptual and methodological considerationsHine, Don W ; Reser, Joseph P; Morrison, Mark; Phillips, Wendy J ; Nunn, Patrick ; Cooksey, Ray W 30-Jun-2014
2013Bayesian Re-evaluation of Lapita Settlement in Fiji: Radiocarbon analysis of the Lapita occupation at Bourewa and nearby sites on the Rove Peninsula, Viti Levu IslandNunn, Patrick ; Petchey, Fiona2-Aug-2013
2014Beyond the core: community governance for climate-change adaptation in peripheral parts of Pacific Island CountriesNunn, Patrick ; Aalbersberg, William; Lata, Shalini; Gwilliam, Marian10-Feb-2014
2010Bridging the Gulf Between Science and Society: Imperatives for Minimizing Societal Disruption from Climate Change in the PacificNunn, Patrick 30-May-2011
2016Classifying Pacific islandsNunn, Patrick ; Kumar, Lalit ; Eliot, Ian; McLean, Roger F1-Apr-2016
2012Climate Change and Pacific Island CountriesNunn, Patrick 15-May-2013
2007Climate, Environment and Society in the Pacific during the Last MillenniumNunn, Patrick 7-Sep-2011
2006Coastal Evolution in the Asia-Pacific RegionNunn, Patrick ; Kumar, Roselyn28-Nov-2011
2006Colonization of the Lapita peoples in Fiji: implication for the "express train to Polynesia" hypothesisIshimura, Tomo; Nunn, Patrick ; Kumar, Roselyn; de Biran, Antoine21-Dec-2011
2016Combining threat and efficacy messaging to increase public engagement with climate change in Beijing, ChinaXue, Wen; Hine, Don W ; Marks, Anthony ; Phillips, Wendy J ; Nunn, Patrick ; Zhao, Shouying22-Jun-2016
2011Defending the Defensible: A Rebuttal of Scott Fitzpatrick's (2010) Critique of the AD 1300 Event Model with Particular Reference to PalauNunn, Patrick ; Hunter-Anderson, Rosalind15-Jul-2011
2012Disruption of coastal societies in the Pacific Islands from rapid sea-level fall about AD 1300: new evidence from northern Viti Levu Island, FijiNunn, Patrick 4-May-2012
2006The Earliest Human Settlement in the Fiji IslandsNunn, Patrick ; Kumar, Roselyn; Matararaba, Sepeti; Ishimura, Tomo17-Jan-2012
2007Echoes from a distance: research into the Lapita occupation of the Rove Peninsula, southwest Viti Levu, FijiNunn, Patrick 8-Sep-2011
2013The end of the Pacific? Effects of sea level rise on Pacific Island livelihoodsNunn, Patrick 16-Jul-2013
2013Enhancing climate change communication: strategies for profiling and targeting Australian interpretive communitiesHine, Donald W ; Phillips, Wendy J ; Reser, Joseph P; Cooksey, Ray W ; Marks, Anthony ; Nunn, Patrick ; Watt, Susan E ; Ellul, Michelle24-May-2013
2012Environmental Change in Coastal Areas and IslandsNunn, Patrick 22-Oct-2012