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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2011Accounting For Business Sustainability: An OverviewAbou Taleb, Mona ; Gibson, Brian; Hovey, Martin 7-Jul-2014
2011Accounting For Income in Business SustainabilityAbou Taleb, Mona ; Gibson, Brian; Hovey, Martin 24-Nov-2014
2010Australian Federal Government Failure: The Rise and Fall of the Home Insulation ProgramDollery, Brian E ; Hovey, Martin 14-Apr-2011
2015The causal relationship between stock market development, bank development, Islamic and conventional insurance development, and economic growth: The Case of MalaysiaSalem, Elhadi Abubaker Frag; Hovey, Martin ; Yarram, Subba 8-Jan-2016
2004Chinese Cross-Listed Firms - Listed on the New York Stock ExchangeHovey, D; Hovey, Martin 28-Jul-2010
2010Corporate Governance and the Capital Structure of Listed Firms: Evidence from ChinaHovey, Martin 17-Mar-2010
-Corporate Governance in China: An Analysis of Ownership Changes after the 1997 AnnouncementHovey, Martin 7-Oct-2010
-Corporate Governance in China: An Empirical Study of the Ownership Structures of Listed FirmsHovey, Martin 7-Oct-2010
2009Corporate Governance, IPO Underpricing and Long-Term Performance of Listed Firms in ChinaLi, L; Hovey, Martin 17-Mar-2010
2007Corporate Governance, Ownership Structures and Leverage: The Profitability of Listed Firms in ChinaHovey, Martin 10-Jan-2012
2013Corporate Governance, Ownership Type and Corporate Performance in Emerging Economies: Empirical Evidence from Sri LankaNambukara Gamage, Bandula Sisira Kumara; Hovey, Martin ; Yarram, Subba 23-Sep-2013
2002Corporate Governance, Valuation and Ownership in China: An Empirical Study of Listed FirmsHovey, Martin 10-Jan-2012
2005Do Ownership Structures Stimulate the Performance of Listed Firms in China?Hovey, Martin 10-Jan-2012
2009Does IPO Underpricing Explain a Firm's Long-Term Performance?: An Empirical Study of IPOs in China with Corporate Governance PerspectiveLi, Larry; Hovey, Martin 13-Apr-2010
-Does IPO Underpricing in China Explain a Firm's Long-Term Performance?: An Empirical Study of IPOs in China with Corporate Governance PerspectivesLi, Larry; Hovey, Martin 30-Sep-2010
2018Effective corporate governance and the cost of capital and financial performance: An empirical investigation into the peculiar link in Saudi stock market listed firmsAlattas, Hussein Mohammed; Hovey, Martin ; Khan, Ashfaq A25-May-2018
2013The Endogeneity of Executive Compensation and its Impact on Management Discretionary Behavior over Financial ReportingSun, Lan ; Hovey, Martin 6-Mar-2014
2005Enterprise Reforms in China: The Way ForwardHovey, Martin ; Naughton, Tony10-Jan-2012
2015Fifty years of Sustainability Accounting: does accounting for income in business sustainability really exist?Abou Taleb, Mona ; Gibson, Brian; Hovey, Martin 25-Aug-2015
2017Foreign direct investment and emerging markets: A study of direct investment in Thailand with a focus on Australian investmentTanomponkang, Kesinee; Hovey, Martin ; Yarram, Subba Reddy28-Mar-2018