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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2015The Acceptance of E-learning Recommender System for Saudi Universities: Framework and HypothesesAlharbi, Hadeel; Sandhu, Kamaljeet ; Brown, Trevor C 10-Oct-2017
2008Accurate low-pressure kinetics for isobutane oxidation over phosphomolybdic acid and copper(II) phosphomolybdatesKendell, Shane; Brown, Trevor Colin ; Burns, Robert C19-May-2009
2017Adsorption Properties from Pressure-Varying Langmuir Parameters: n-Butane and Isobutane on Activated CarbonBrown, Trevor C 12-Sep-2017
Dec-2019Bioavailability of Arsenic and Antimony in Terrestrial Ecosystems: A ReviewBagherifam, Saeed; Brown, Trevor C ; Fellows, Christopher M ; Naidu, Ravi2-Mar-2020
20-Nov-2019Carbon Dioxide Methanation Over Nickel Catalysts Supported on Activated Carbon at Low TemperatureCam, Le Minh; Thi Thu Ha, Nguyen; Khu, Le Van; Ha, Nguyen Ngoc; Brown, Trevor C 2-Mar-2020
2001Carbon oxidation kinetics from evolved carbon oxide analysis during temperature-programmed oxidationLi, Chao'en; Brown, Trevor C 6-Oct-2017
2012Carbon-Carbon Bond Cleavage and Dehydrogenation of Isobutane Over HZSM-5 at Low Pressures and TemperaturesLe Minh, Cam; Alanazi, Abdullah K; Miron, David J ; Brown, Trevor C 18-Feb-2013
2002Catalytic Cracking, Dehydrogenation, and Aromatization of Isobutane over Ga/HZSM-5 and Zn/HZSM-5 at Low PressuresSun, Yanping; Brown, Trevor Colin 15-May-2009
2004Charge density analysis of two polymorphs of antimony(III) oxideWhitten, AE; Dittrich, B; Spackman, MA; Turner, P; Brown, TC 2-May-2008
2011Comprehensive Study of Isobutane Selective Oxidation Over Group I and II Phosphomolybdates: Structural and Kinetic FactorsBrown, Trevor C ; Kendell, Shane22-Feb-2012
Oct-2019Derivation methods of soils, water and sediments toxicity guidelines: A brief review with a focus on antimonyBagherifam, Saeed; Brown, Trevor C ; Fellows, Christopher M ; Naidu, Ravi2-Mar-2020
2010Detailed product and kinetic analysis for the low-pressure selective oxidation of isobutane over phosphomolybdic acidBrown, Trevor C ; Kendall, Shane6-Apr-2010
2013Electronic Activity Relationship for Methacrolein Formation Over 4th Period Transition Metal PhosphomolybdatesKendell, Shane; Nguyen, Ngoc Ha; Brown, Trevor C 23-May-2013
17-Feb-2020Evolution of mobile phases in cometary interiorsFellows, Christopher M ; Brown, Trevor C ; Cooper, Andrew; Parigi, Marco31-Aug-2020
2015Factors for the Acceptance of Recommender Systems in E-Learning for Saudi Universities: A Proposed FrameworkAlharbi, Hadeel; Sandhu, Kamaljeet ; Brown, Trevor 9-Nov-2017
2015A Framework to Enhance Privacy-Awareness in Mobile Web SystemsAldhafferi, Nahier Ghaleb S; Miron, David; Murphy, Aron ; Brown, Trevor ; Watson, Charles; Sajeev, Abudulkadir 10-Nov-2015
2004Hydronium ion formation during the hydrometallurgical formation of valentinite (Sb₂O₃)Bernett, RD; Mitchell, A; Brown, TC 6-May-2008
2006Incorporating Graduate Attributes into a Chemistry MajorBrown, Trevor Colin ; Wylie, Alan M14-Dec-2009
2010Investigations Into The Acid-Base Properties Of 2-Butanol Decomposition Over Metal OxidesBallam, Nicholas; Brown, Trevor C 5-Jul-2011
2008Kinetic Analysis of Methacrolein and Lactone Formation over Lanthanide Phosphomolybdate CatalystsKendell, Shane; Alston, Amy-Sue; Brown, Trevor C 6-Mar-2012