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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2005Advances in methodology for random regression analysesMeyer, Karin 27-Oct-2009
2012Analysing quantitative parent-of-origin effects with examples from ultrasonic measures of body composition in Australian beef cattleTier, Bruce ; Meyer, Karin 25-Mar-2013
2003Approximate and 'exact' accuracies of breeding value estimates for growth of beef cattle from random regression analysesMeyer, Karin ; Tier, Bruce 29-Jan-2010
2004Approximating prediction error covariances among additive genetic effects within animals in multiple-trait and random regression modelsTier, Bruce ; Meyer, Karin 3-Nov-2009
Mar-2020Association analysis of loci implied in "buffering" epistasisReverter, Antonio; Vitezica, Zulma G; Naval-Sánchez, Marina; Henshall, John; Raidan, Fernanda S S; Li, Yutao; Meyer, Karin ; Hudson, Nicholas J; Porto-Neto, Laercio R; Legarra, Andrés5-May-2021
2010Bending over Backwards: Better Estimates of Genetic Covariance Matrices by Penalized REMLMeyer, Karin ; Kirkpatrick, M21-Apr-2011
Jul-2019"Bending" and beyond: Better estimates of quantitative genetic parameters?Meyer, Karin 21-Apr-2020
2010Better Estimates of Genetic Covariance Matrices by "Bending" Using Penalized Maximum LikelihoodMeyer, Karin ; Kirkpatrick, Mark18-May-2011
2009Cheverud revisited: Scope for joint modelling of genetic and environmental covariance matricesMeyer, Karin ; Kirkpatrick, Mark22-Mar-2010
2009Comparison of Different Variance Component Estimation Approaches for MACE: Direct and Bottom-up PCTyriseva, A M; Meyer, Karin ; Jakobsen, J; Ducrocq, V; Fikse, F; Lidauer, M H; Mantysaari, E A15-Mar-2010
2004Components of Variance Underlying Fitness in a Natural Population of the Great Tit, 'Parus major'McCleery, R H; Pettifor, R A; Armbruster, P; Meyer, Karin ; Sheldon, B C; Perrins, C M9-Dec-2009
2015Computing for Multi-Trait Single-Step Genomic Evaluation of Australian SheepMeyer, Karin ; Swan, Andrew ; Tier, Bruce 24-May-2016
2007Covariance structures for quantitative genetic analysesMeyer, Karin 18-Jan-2010
2004Direct Estimation of Genetic Principal Components: Simplified Analysis of Complex PhenotypesKirkpatrick, M; Meyer, K 31-Jul-2008
2011The effect of imprinted genes on carcass traits in Australian Angus and Hereford cattleTier, Bruce ; Meyer, Karin 26-Mar-2012
26-Jul-2023Effects of selection and data truncation on estimates of genetic parameters obtained fitting a single-step modelMeyer, Karin 18-Sep-2023
2001Estimates of covariance functions for growth from birth to 630 days of age in Nelore cattleAlbuquerque, L Galvao; Meyer, Karin 11-Sep-2012
2005Estimates of covariance functions for growth of Angus cattle from random regression analyses fitting B-spline functionsMeyer, Karin 8-Feb-2010
2005Estimates of covariance functions for growth of Nelcore cattle applying a parametric correlation structure to model within-animal correlationsAlbuquerque, LG; Meyer, Karin 4-Nov-2009
2001Estimates of direct and maternal genetic effects for weights from birth to 600 days of age in Nelore cattleAlbuquerque, L Galvao; Meyer, Karin 11-Sep-2012